Colons: Here’s What You Need to Know

by • May 22, 2015
using colons in your writing

Colons highlight the information that comes after them. In many cases, you can quickly bypass the information that comes before a colon and simply focus on what’s written after it. For example: I have one thing to say: I love you. Colons can also be used to… MORE →

3 Books to Read with Your BFF

by • May 21, 2015

Reading is often a solitary experience. But good books can bring people together in surprising and meaningful ways. Here are three books we think would be great to read with a close friend, or someone with whom you might want to become close friends: The Anne of… MORE →

5 Memos That Went Terribly Wrong

by • May 21, 2015
5 Memos that went terribly wrong

In the world of digital communications, pretty much everyone can relate to an email experience going terribly wrong at work. Ever hit “reply all” and sprayed a private message to a group of co-workers and lived to regret it? Writing internal business communications shouldn’t be fraught with… MORE →