Stupider or More Stupid?


He is more stupid than her.


He is stupider than her.


The first sentence sound smoother, but are they both correct?

If the second sentence is WRONG, when could we use the word "stupider" ?



asked Aug 02 '12 at 06:34 Elijah New member

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  Both are correct. But  'More stupid" is often preferred. 

" He is more stupid than her."

link answered Aug 02 '12 at 17:50 sanjay Expert

"A: I don’t see any problem with “stupidest.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.), for example, gives the forms as “stupid” … “stupider” … “stupidest.”

And this isn’t a peculiar Americanism. H. W. Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage also gives the correct forms as “stupid” … “stupider” … “stupidest.”

sanjayAug 02 '12 at 17:53

Both are wrong: "He is stupider than SHE."

Mark CaplanAug 22 at 15:24

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My opinion is that we cannot form the compertative degree for the word stupid by adding er.

link comment answered Aug 02 '12 at 14:29 Z. A. Jazley Contributor

If a word does NOT end in Y and has two or more syllables, it is recommended to use "more" "most" before the word instead of -er, -est, etc. Like interesting, stunning, beautiful. We wouldnt say interestinger, beautifulest. Just as stupider and stupidest doesnt sound quite right. 

link comment answered Jul 23 at 11:55 Joe Nads New member

He is more stupid than she. 

link comment answered Oct 10 at 02:02 Thomas New member

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