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Get tips to improve your research paper outlines, abstracts, citations, and more. From mistake-free, impactful sentences to properly cited sources, Grammarly's AI writing suggestions ensure you submit your best work.

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Brainstorm and outline with generative AI prompts.
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Get real-time, strategic writing feedback on tone, clarity, conciseness, and more. 
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Check for plagiarism and generate citations.
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Resources to Write Your Best
Research Paper

Learn the essential elements of research papers and discover winning strategies for submitting your best work. 
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How to Write a Research Paper

This step-by-step guide leads you through the process of writing a research paper, from choosing a topic to citing your sources. 
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Research Paper Outline Tips

Create outlines that organize your ideas, build your paper's structure, and set you up for success.
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How to Write a Research Proposal

Learn how to write a research proposal that presents your ideas in the best light.
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How to Write an Abstract for Your Paper

An abstract is a summary that serves as a preview to a larger piece of work. Learn how to write a compelling abstract with our guide.
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Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Learn about the differences between primary and secondary sources and how your writing relies on both.
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Citations in MLA Format 

Learn how to cite sources according to MLA format, an academic style guide commonly used in arts and humanities subjects.
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Citations in APA Format

If you’re writing a paper for social sciences or psychology, you’ll use APA format from the American Psychological Association. Get to know this citation format with our tips.
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Citations in Chicago Style

The Chicago Manual of Style is more common in published works than academic papers, but you still might use it in school and beyond. Read all about CMOS here.

See What Grammarly Can Do for
Your Research Paper

Craft your best paper and improve every time you write with Grammarly's AI at your fingertips.

Generative AI for brainstorming and outlining

Conquer the blank page by using AI prompts to brainstorm ideas, hone your thesis, consider counterarguments, and outline your content.
Grammarly helps you brainstorm topics for your assignment

Plagiarism detection

Instantly scan your text for plagiarism against billions of webpages to detect passages that may need citing and see source information. 
Grammarly shows your text's likeness to existing works

Strategic writing feedback

Clarify your ideas, clean up tangled sentences, and strike the right tone with Grammarly's full-sentence rewrites. 
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Real-time proofreading

Punctuate like a pro and save time editing with real-time suggestions that catch easy-to-miss mistakes. 
Grammarly fixes your punctuation.

Automatic citations

Give credit where it’s due with auto-generated APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citations, bibliographies, reference lists, and more.
Accurately formatted citations directly from online sources

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