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Dear Answers Community, Many of our Grammarly Answers users would like tips on how to improve their overall writing, especially ...
+17 votes, asked Sep 12 '11 by Kimberly
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relative pronouns
Hi. I don't understand why in this sentence that describes *people* the author, doesn't use the definition article? if we ...
Clauses 0 votes, asked 52 minutes ago by bodyapwnz
0 answers
Which is better?
All the local competition have yet to comply/All the local competition has yet to comply
0 votes, asked 1 hour ago by tom braley
0 answers
Punctuation ,and pharses it says 100, but nopuctuation ever changes and i still get a b in class
It says 100 in grammerly but no 100 in class !?
0 votes, asked 2 hours ago by Misty Meeves
2 answers
A special mail service has been established in the United States in 1789. Is the mistake A,mail, has been established, ...
0 votes, asked 13 hours ago by timothy tobin
2 answers
Is it grammatically correct to end a sentence with a verb?
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Stephanie Kiclighter
2 answers
Using 'ever'
Is it correct to say, 'I have ever been there'? I've heard some people say it and I feel that ...
words Ever grammar mistakes 0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Rysttle
2 answers
can u use this sentence in a mail conversation
So please be informed him on this.
0 votes, asked 16 hours ago by Sabarish Kannan
2 answers
To say a person that someone "x" in the class/office is trying to get your friendship/love or
He/she is trying you or he/she is trying on you
0 votes, asked 18 hours ago by sankar
1 answer
Is this correct?
There was a lot of happiness Thursday. The above sentence is incorrect, right? It should be: There was a lot ...
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Sarah Lushko
1 answer
State whether the subject- verb relationship in the following sentences is grammatical or notional
A 2,000 rupees is all the money I need now.
subject-verb realionship grammartical notional 0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by jhabaaz
1 answer
change narration
the boy said to the teacher," Sir I am weak in english and seek your advice." "Read the passage thoroughly ...
Narration 0 votes, asked 15 hours ago by Leeza Dutta
1 answer
Saying to a person that his presence on a occasion is wished
My marriage is on my coming Thursday so I want your presence on that day or my marriage is on ...
0 votes, asked 16 hours ago by sankar
1 answer
Which one is correct? Pui Pui the Crocodile Pui Pui the crocodile
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by j p
3 answers
Can I omit "at" and "was?"
It was a busy day for me with grocery shopping and errands to run. I arrived at home late and ...
+1 vote, asked 1 day ago by Susan
1 answer
I confused about using this word 'do'
Is this correct : I do cooking on sundays
0 votes, asked 17 hours ago by biuty
0 answers
I am not feeling well so i won't be able to come for meeting
I am not feeling well so i won't be able to come for meeting
0 votes, asked 3 hours ago by Ratna
0 answers
Active to passive
We will workout the details of the agreement within a week.
none 0 votes, asked 4 hours ago by Alessania Ramante
1 answer
Fill the blank
The boy his standing next_____ to the tree
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Durga
2 answers
sentence starter
can i start a sentence with but?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by David Shulterbrandt
0 answers
Is this a complete sentnece?
Returned system back to service.
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Leslee Kiser
1 answer
english grammar
They told us that marriage was out of questions.
0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by Anubandh Patil
0 answers
meaning of a sentence
What is the meaning of this sentence: "What does the man tell Jim to say as he brings him in ...
0 votes, asked 5 hours ago by Genya
1 answer
Sentence Analysis
"There was no reason that they could decide on that would excuse cannibalism" Hi, experts. I am a foreign student ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by I like You
1 answer
Voice Change
Can you do this exercise? (Change the Voice)
0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by Suraj Sahu
1 answer
What is wrong with the following sentence: When an agreement is drawn up, an insurance certificate may then be issued ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Mary Lou Alberetti
1 answer
The first thing I had to do was increase the stock price.
I've seen this kind of structure several times. Shouldn't we write it like '... was to increase ...'?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Mike Sun
0 answers
At the top right of the screen.
We sat at the top right corner of the screen or bottom left corner of the screen. Can we say ...
0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by Ryoryu
1 answer
Can you start a sentence with ''is'' if it's not a question?
Is this sentence correct? Confirmed is the booking for your guest
0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by AllanWaf
1 answer
Positive Affirmations
I create positive affirmations. How can I benefit from using grammarly?
positive Affirmations Affirmation 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by SpiritualTec
1 answer
Subject-verb agreement
1. That just means that I'll fail.2. That just mean I'll fail. Which sentence is the correct one? I used ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Rendel
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