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Dear Answers Community, Many of our Grammarly Answers users would like tips on how to improve their overall writing, especially ...
+15 votes, asked Sep 12 '11 by Kimberly
0 answers
help to enable grammarly
Help me enable grammarly. The program is still under the control panel.
help to enable grammarly 0 votes, asked 6 hours ago by JC Page
1 answer
grammatical problem
hello, could you tell me is this sentence true or false? if it is false could you give me the ...
0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by Ali
1 answer
susceptible to...
I have a (very bright) ESL student who wrote "Obese people are susceptible for chronic diseases." When I corrected (susceptible ...
ESL Prepositions 0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by c.y.
1 answer
sense of smelling or smelling sense
Hello, I'm wondering if it is correct to say sense of smelling or, alternatively, smelling sense. Thanks in advance for ...
0 votes, edited 17 hours ago by John
1 answer
subject/ verb agreement
Which sentence is correct and why? Which hobbies does your sister enjoy? or Which hobbies do your sister enjoy?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Amina Lokhat
0 answers
'Much more powerful than enough'' İs this phrase correct?
''You wont be just powerful enough. İf you are willing, you will be much more powerful than enough.'' Can ı ...
much more powerful than enough 0 votes, asked 20 hours ago by mehmet akyar
1 answer
List all of the Adverbs in this sentence.
Slowly but surely the tortoise won the race.
adverbs 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Sean
1 answer
I vs Me
Recently, an old post on Facebook has come back to create quite the stir. There was a picture and the ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Julie
1 answer
Do nouns need modifiers
If I say "men like dressing like women" is that grammatically correct? I say that you have to have a ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Old Grammar Guy
1 answer
Matching tenses
In the following sentence: "I drifted off into that other world where dreams exist" or "I drifted off into that ...
0 votes, asked Apr 23 by nlsnunez
1 answer
What is colon in English?
colon 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Jheel
1 answer
due diligence
How should this term be used?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Susan Schmeling
1 answer
Them or they
(Them,They) and I were on the championship team.
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by nesreen
1 answer
Comma, semicolon; or em dash --
Hi, this is the first sentence of an essay describing my decision not to go to college immediately after high ...
comma Semicolon dash complex 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Todd Andrew
1 answer
Simple past with " be "
Which sentence is correct & why ? I was a student or I was student.
I was 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Famous
0 answers
write in negative sentence
Where there is smoke there is fire.
0 votes, asked Apr 23 by Seyie
1 answer
Sentence correction
I could not understand the sentence below as it was grammatically incorrect. Please help me in making this sentence meaningful. ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Sanjay
1 answer
Word showing wrong grammar structur, plz advise.
What is wrong with this sentence and how would you rephrase it? Thank you. "Numerical modeling for the support of ...
grammar sentences fibers Structure 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Viktor Klouček
1 answer
why does cassius work so hard to bring brutus into the conspiracy ?
Why does Cassius work so hard to bring Brutus into the conspiracy ?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Carol Singletary
1 answer
Use of a word
Can you say:- "We consisted on peanut butter sandwiches and rice when my parents lost their jobs." I thought it ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Liz
1 answer
change into passive
What are you doing to help him?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Nicolas
0 answers
Comma with "because" clause
What other reasons are there for having a comma between a "because" clause and the main clause, apart from the ...
commaplacement 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Sean
1 answer
is it his celebrating or him celebrating
Here is the sentence: Here is a photo of him celbrating a birthday or should it be: here is a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by arthur
1 answer
correct the sentence
News paper gives us information. it awares people of different situations.
Sentence correction 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by zeniaa
1 answer
how many spaces between zip code and state in addressing letter?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Kim
0 answers
The use of prepositional clauses with conjuctive adverbs at the beginning of a sentence
Sentence examples: Furthermore, on that date, the client alleged that she was assaulted by the Defendant. However, on the date ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by marina
1 answer
Verb tense
What tense is the verb have been?
tenses 0 votes, asked Apr 21 by Sharon Sheppard
1 answer
figures of speech
He is leading a sedentary lifestyle. (What is the figure of speech in this sentence)
0 votes, asked Apr 20 by Altamash shaikh
1 answer
After finding her classes’ grades were slipping, the teacher decided to stay, for an extra hour after school each day. ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by Tania
0 answers
Who do I quote?
I know that if in an article, I indirectly ( paraphrase) cite an author that indirectly cites (paraphrase) an expert, ...
quote quotation 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Annie
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