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Dear Answers Community, Many of our Grammarly Answers users would like tips on how to improve their overall writing, especially ...
+15 votes, asked Sep 12 '11 by Kimberly
1 answer
Comparative or superlative??
Of the two candidates for this government position, Jose Maria is the ________ his experience in field. A. most qualified ...
0 votes, edited 8 hours ago by Francis Devasaranam
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subject verb agreement
can you correct this sntence for me? This is one reason why some people does not attent college because of ...
0 votes, asked 13 hours ago by charless
1 answer
I am not sure if my translation of the heading sounds correct (please help)
Hello everyone!Thanks in advance! So, here is the problem - the heading of the text means something like " Act ...
translate translaetoquestion 0 votes, asked 13 hours ago by Fatima
1 answer
Do I need to write out 293,000 because it's used in the beginning of a sentence? 293,000 pounds concentrated in ...
numbers 0 votes, asked 16 hours ago by Susan Nilsson
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Grammar - need explanation
Grammar question:A platypus is a furry animal. Furry is the adjective. What is the noun it is modifying in the ...
0 votes, asked 4 hours ago by Trish
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whether to use "us" or "we" in the following sentence
Which is correct: 1) it is us who have opened the gates, or 2) it is we who have opened ...
0 votes, asked 17 hours ago by Mendl Malkin
1 answer
Please help
The passers-by has or have made the street busy
0 votes, asked 17 hours ago by maria
1 answer
the situation -----------.continued to be paralysingcontinued to paralysedcontinued paralysedcontinued and paralysed
0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by mobs
1 answer
I heard that + past simple or past perfect?
I'm having trouble with the following: a) I heard that he killed her with a knife. or b) I heard ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by mark
1 answer
belief in/of/about/on?
I'm confused when I tried to define the specific subject of belief. Which word should follow belief? An example will ...
belief 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Ruoyan Huang
1 answer
Q1: Identify the parts of speech in the following sentence: The seven old elephants never forgot to perform their famous ...
myenglish 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by abdull
1 answer
In the following sentence, how is Bill being used? My cousin, Bill, is invited. Is Bill a direct address, or ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Erin Hansen
1 answer
have + been without present participle
" They have been to the cinema " is this sentence grammatically complete and correct? or should it be " ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by mfarizi
0 answers
which comes frist time or place?
The regular season will begin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, who ...
0 votes, asked 8 hours ago by ak
0 answers
usage of the word "that"
Example: The director of operations announced that Miles will be relieved of his duties or The director of operations announced ...
that 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Bobby Franks
1 answer
When writing the words, french cuisine describing the type of food, are all, either or none of the two words ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Susan
0 answers
How can u find the agactive in a sentenc?
0 votes, asked 8 hours ago by Brianna
0 answers
Opinion and improvement
"I can't truly enjoy material things, experiences and all the love I receive when I realize there's others that don't, ...
opinion improve writing write correction 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Alexandra
1 answer
"In" or "at"?
What is better (correct)?: "The witness declared in Court" or "The witness declared at Court"
0 votes, asked Oct 10 by Igor Solar
1 answer
Is it correct ?
I wish you were there last night so we could play with each other ? Is it correct
english +1 vote, asked Oct 10 by Rayan X Rayan
0 answers
When to use inverted commas
When writing the abbreviated name of something in brackets after the full name should the abbreviation be written in inverted ...
commas 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Clare Hooper
1 answer
Should I use "how" or "that"?
They forgot how God brought them out of slavery, performed miracles, and protected them in the wilderness. They forgot that ...
0 votes, asked Oct 10 by Susan
2 answers
was vs were
Asking a hypothetical question, which is correct- What if life was better than snooze? What if life were better than ...
hypothethical was-were +1 vote, asked Oct 10 by Justin Lafazan
1 answer
capitalisation of subjects
I would like to have a definitive answer regarding the use of capital letters for school/university subjects. It seems to ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Monika Rohlwink
1 answer
i need the parts of speech and the parts of sentence
A character, action or situation showing a pttern of human life.
0 votes, asked Oct 10 by guy
1 answer
Don't understand the use of a comma before 'so'.
I'm getting confused with the use of commas in general, but especially with the using of them before coordinate conjunctions. ...
commaplacement comma Clauses coordinate conj +1 vote, asked Oct 09 by Joseph
0 answers
Decades - plural or possessive
In writing about a decade, is it "In the 1930's," or "In the 1930s," ?
Decades years 0 votes, asked 11 hours ago by Gene Eggleston
1 answer
find the mistake
Pointing out the subject, the verb and the object of a sentence is called perfection
+1 vote, asked Oct 09 by Ahmed Hamdy
0 answers
correct usage of 'came'
I recentley went out with some friends and posted a picture online, I had another friend (who did not attend ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by drew
0 answers
Why 'berieved' is preceeded by 'the'?
Why 'berieved' is preceeded by 'the'? Could you, please, explain it in terms of grammar? Thank you.
Articles 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by student2210
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