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Dear Answers Community, Many of our Grammarly Answers users would like tips on how to improve their overall writing, especially ...
+13 votes, asked Sep 12 '11 by Kimberly
1 answer
In creative writing, when you want to stress a particular thing in the sentence for example. She heard them talking ...
0 votes, asked 16 hours ago by Dollie Mason
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Comma Question
Is the second comma in the statement below grammatically correct, please? We both have stories to tell, but when we ...
comma 0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by Boone
1 answer
They can be used like 'but' to add a fact or opinion that makes what you have just said, or ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Sanjay
1 answer
Does anyone know (who/whom) he is?
Should I use "who" or "whom" in this sentence? I would be grateful if you could answer me! :)
who whom 0 votes, edited 1 day ago by Sanderyn
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How can I reword this?
y asking students to check whether their answers were reasonable, and promote discussions that will connect conceptual understanding with reasonableness ...
0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by isshaheen
1 answer
Sanity check
I'm working as the lead translator/proofreader/copywriter for a company. One of our advertising slogans is 'A perfect gaming vacation! Sound ...
+2 votes, asked 1 day ago by Jan Grant
1 answer
sentence structure
If X or Y or both are not your strong points, then ... Is the if-part of the sentece correct? ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 by sushant
1 answer
Although, though and yet are all synonyms. I also learned that although and yet or though and yet cannot be ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 by Sanjay
1 answer
Can you explain this sentence to me: "Gladwell argues that initial impressions -- or gut-feelings -- are quite rational. However, ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by juergen
0 answers
She is thrilled to use her writing talents to support her favorite causes, education being chief among them all. Is ...
appositivephrase sentence-structure 0 votes, edited 1 day ago by sushant
1 answer
bring vs to bring
Hi, I am having trouble figuring out why I cannot use "to bring" in the following situation. 1: We ask ...
to bring +1 vote, asked Mar 26 by Adolf
1 answer
Using Would to denote actions
I'm a roleplayer, and while everyone has different styles, there's one I see that I'm not sure makes grammatical sense, ...
0 votes, edited Mar 26 by Kirk Rowe
0 answers
Could you give me an advice what sentence is good?
I'm in charge of an introduction of a song. I'm in charge of song introduction. I'm in charge of the ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by adqwd34
1 answer
Who Has Best Interest For Business Savings Accounts?
I want to know about the best interest for business savings accounts?
-1 votes, asked Mar 27 by MaryLinda
1 answer
Usage of the verb "to camouflage"
Can you use it in the follow way? ..."Animal X does this to camouflage with its environment." I think "camouflage ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 by PatrickDL
1 answer
english grammar
His memory is sharp.write negative sentence
-1 votes, asked Mar 27 by Tarandeep Kaur
1 answer
Product Name Ending In 'S'
Our company ABC has a product name called Ranswers. I am trying to figure out if we need an apostrophe ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 by ABCServices
1 answer
What Are Top 5 Tips On Operating A Business?
I am operating a business and looking for topnotch tips on operating a business?
-1 votes, asked Mar 27 by MaryLinda
0 answers
UK English spell checking required
I am writing a work that requires UK English to be used throughout. (I am using the Microsoft Word addin ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Jeffrey Olding
1 answer
It will cause "troubles"
It will cause "troubles" Is the use of "troubles" in the above context wrong? Should it read "it will cause ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Alli Eniola Funmilayo
1 answer
Can I start a sentence with the word this?
+1 vote, asked Mar 26 by Jolene Bolinger
1 answer
correct usage of fail
is it correct to say he is fail.or he is failed.
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Khaula Shahid
1 answer
Proper grammar
Is it "The menu offers BOTH soup OR salad" vs "The menu offers EITHER soup OR salad"
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Adam Spriggs
1 answer
proper use of reference to 'he'
This is from some facebook comments, so i dont know if the fact that people step all over each other ...
0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Anthony Kress
0 answers
What type of phrase is "but not less than $50..."
I'm trying to break down the parts of this sentence: "You must pay the cost of parts and labor, but ...
phrases Conjunction 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Roger
1 answer
Am I correctly using the word "indubitably" if I state that someone looks "indubitably ravishing"? My friend and I cannot ...
indubitably help arguing grammar english 0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Katelyn Tobianski
1 answer
A conflict of interest or conflict of interests
As I know both of them are acceptable in speaking, but which is grammarly correct? i.e., if I have to ...
conflict of interest 0 votes, edited Mar 26 by Yena Ahn
1 answer
Use of there
Is it right? There has a car. There has many problems. I am confused with this.........please help me....
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Rony
0 answers
Of course there...does?
The following are common uses: "There is a fox in a box/There are people in the street" "Of course there ...
there 0 votes, edited Mar 26 by Lavinia
0 answers
Passive to active voice conversion
Thus, the design is constrained by the range of current production motorcycle, and will be compared using miles/kWh. Convert the ...
active-voice passive-voice -1 votes, asked Mar 26 by jakob
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