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Clear the stops and starts of business writing with the #1 communication assistant with generative AI capabilities built in. Working in more than 500,000 apps and websites, Grammarly Business saves time and boosts productivity for the whole organization.
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Innovate and Scale With 
Enterprise-Grade Generative AI

Let strategy and decision-making propel business growth, not routine summary writing and record keeping.

This new experience of communication is more fluid, effective, and intuitive than ever, while maintaining Grammarly’s enterprise-grade standards for privacy, data security, and user trust.
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Instantly generate new versions of your writing based on your prompts.


Turn basic instructions into polished drafts in seconds so routine writing tasks fly by.

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Help the whole org breeze through email with context-specific replies produced in a few clicks.

Create More Time for 
High-Value Work

Give workplace communication a head-start and create high-quality communication with an AI assistant that helps you efficiently articulate your thoughts.

Streamline workflows by empowering team members to improve their writing with suggestions that go beyond correctness.

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Speed up the writing process by quickly inserting frequently used pre-written text.

Organizational Alignment 
Made Easy

Standardize communication in every customer touch point with seamless application of brand, tone, and style.
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Make the best impression on customers with real-time tone suggestions that align with your brand.

Style Guides

Empower every employee to create consistent, on-brand writing with dynamic in-line suggestions.

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Improve Business Outcomes Across Your Organization

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Reduce ticket volumes, time to resolution, and customer churn.
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Save time on enablement and gain more time to sell.
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Increase quality and production while reducing time spent.
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Onboard faster, recruit thoughtfully, and support DEI programs.
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Purpose Built for Enterprise

Intelligent features designed to improve communication across your organization.

Privacy and Security

Grammarly uses 256-bit AES for files at rest and SSL/TLS for data in transit. Grammarly complies with GDPR and the CCPA.


Grammarly works with the tools you use every day: web browsers, desktop apps, email clients, MS Office tools, and more.
Centralized Billing

Centralized Billing

Manage just one subscription for your whole team and avoid the chaos of individual renewals.


Add, remove, or transfer accounts, assign roles, and manage permissions for security.
Single sign-on

SAML single sign-on

Provide your team with a simple experience to onboard and access Grammarly, while also enforcing identity-related security controls.
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Filter insights through intuitive dashboards and see team strengths, opportunities, and measured improvements.
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Keeping Your Words and Data Safe

We go to great lengths to ensure your data remains private and protected. Third-party compliance certifications and attestations validate our enterprise-grade security controls—so you can move forward with the knowledge that every aspect of our product experience is built to uncompromising standards.

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90% of users say Grammarly helps them save time

“Grammarly is a low-cost editor on staff that allows me to know that I am putting my best foot forward when I communicate to staff, founders, and partners.”
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Great Communication Is 
Open for Business

Join the 50,000 teams using Grammarly Business to speed up the writing process and create consistent, high-quality communication at every touch point.