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Ready to level up? The majority of Premium users report less stress and stronger writing skills. Whether you’re writing for clients, team members, or a social community, Grammarly Premium will keep your reputation in check and your productivity in high gear.
I use Grammarly as my last line of defense. When I think a piece is perfect, I run it through the program and usually find two or three errors that I’m glad I caught. This makes me better at my job, and makes the jobs of my clients and editors much easier.
Sarah Greesonbach, Life Comma Etc., Richmond, Virginia

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Sometimes it’s the passion projects and daily activities that matter most. Grammarly Premium fits right into your workflows, and can be a real difference-maker for all of your output, big and small. Carpe diem!
Using Grammarly to proofread my novel is like popping bubble wrap. It’s so addictive and soothing to pop error, after error, after error.
Andy Barratt, Author of the Hudud Trilogy, Edinburgh

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It’s not easy to find writing feedback you can trust. You can rely on Grammarly Premium to help you write polished, engaging papers without slowing you down.
Thank you! I am a graduate student and you have brought my GPA from an A to an A+. I have also won several research grants and scholarships thanks to your help.
Amy Tucker, Graduate Student, BC, Canada
Side-by-Side Comparison of Free & Premium Accounts
Critical grammar and spelling checks
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
Genre-specific writing style checks
Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages
Check your writing across the web
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Access your documents on multiple devices
Integrate with Microsoft® Office (Windows only)
Use native desktop apps (Windows and macOS)
See definitions and synonyms via double clicks
Catch contextual spelling and grammar mistakes
Add words to your personal dictionary
See explanations of grammar rules
Get performance stats via email

A Deeper Look at Premium-Only Checks

Sentence Structure
Future real conditional
Example: If we will leave now, we will arrive early.
Incorrect verb tense
Example: She has just finished setting up the romantic dinner before Jack came home.
Missing comma after introductory clause
Example: When he had tried to open the discussion Arthur put him off.
Missing comma
Example: The more money they make the better for them.
Comma splice
Example: He often watched TV when there were only reruns, she preferred to read instead.
Missing verb
Example: He pretty much clever.
Faulty parallelism
Example: Mary likes hiking and to ride a bicycle.
Incorrect adverb placement
Example: I closed very quietly the door.
Colloquial verb phrase
Example: I want you to go check the gauges.
Passive voice
Example: The uncertainty principle was formulated by him in 1927.
Double subject
Example: My college degree, it is a great aspect of a promising future.
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We routinely survey Grammarly users and have found that:
76% of users find writing more enjoyable
99% of students see improved writing grades
85% of users are now stronger writers
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