Your Context, Your Voice,
Your Assistant

GrammarlyGO brings the power of generative AI to the Grammarly experience, helping you across the digital spaces you write in most. Keep moving with GrammarlyGO, the AI communication assistant that’s up to speed on your context and preferred writing style.

GrammarlyGO Beta

Writing That Moves You Forward

Use GrammarlyGO to unblock your ideas and enable accelerated productivity for teams and individuals. Click the green lightbulb icon to compose, ideate, rewrite, and reply with an AI co-creator informed by your context and goals.
Illustration of how to prompt GrammarlyGO

Accelerate your writing process

Prompt GrammarlyGO with basic instructions to get polished drafts in seconds. You give some background, and GrammarlyGO gets your message onto the page.

Rewriting made delightful

GrammarlyGO finds ways to make your writing shine—and gives you new versions to consider.
Illustration of how to prompt GrammarlyGO to rewrite text
Illustration of how a user can set their writing tone using GrammarlyGO

Assistance, in your voice

Personalize GrammarlyGO to work in your voice with profile options for tone, formality, and professional relevance.

Ideas that come to you

Jump-start any document with ideas or structure delivered straight to the page you’re already on. Brainstorms, outlines, and new perspectives are at your fingertips.
Illustration of how to prompt GrammarlyGO to generate ideas
Illustration showing how to reply to e-mails quickly using GrammarlyGO

Expedite your email replies

Inbox Zero is no longer only a dream when you can get emails summarized and respond quickly to them using context-specific prompts.

Plans to Power Your Assistant

To use GrammarlyGO, you’ll enter prompts to generate text on-demand. With a Grammarly plan, you get a monthly allowance of prompts to help you write, plus suggestions for improved, effective writing.
For Individuals


  • Essentials to start writing 
with AI assistance
  • 100 prompts / month

For Individuals


  • Robust AI assistance with advanced writing suggestions
  • 500 prompts / month

Grammarly Business


  • Ideal for small businesses and individual teams
  • 500 prompts / user / month

Grammarly Business


  • All-in-one AI for entire organizations
  • 1000 prompts / user / month

“Depending on how bad your writer’s block is, this could shave days or even weeks off a particular project and allow you to meet deadlines.”

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AI to Augment Human Potential

For over fourteen years, weve harnessed advanced technology to help people become better communicators. Our approach to generative AI continues to put people’s goals first. We combine expert human knowledge with technical power to design AI that is augmented—not artificial.

Our Principles of AI Development

We are guided by the belief that technology should serve people and society, not the other way around. Learn about our pillars of responsible product development and the design principles we uphold to ensure our AI matches our values.

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Visit our Trust Center to explore the measures we take to protect your information, backed by globally recognized compliance standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use GrammarlyGO?

If you’re on a Grammarly Premium subscription in all countries, you have access to GrammarlyGO. Most Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education (higher education) accounts have access to the beta launch. GrammarlyGO is also available for people with a Grammarly Free account in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States—with more countries added later.

Where can I use GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO is available on the following product offerings and platforms: Grammarly for Windows, Grammarly for Mac, Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Edge, and the Grammarly Editor. You’ll be able to use its generative writing capabilities in Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium. GrammarlyGO will continue to be optimized for more applications and websites over time.

I’m an administrator for my team, organization, or institution. What kind of controls are available for GrammarlyGO?

Grammarly takes transparency and customer control seriously. Administrators can decide whether or not they want their team or learning institution to take advantage of the capabilities offered by GrammarlyGO and generative AI. GrammarlyGO is off by default for Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education customers. To make it available, go to your account and switch it on for your entire team, organization, or institution. GrammarlyGO will not be available to K-12 learning institutions at this time.

I’m a developer. Will GrammarlyGO be available in the Grammarly Text Editor SDK?

Grammarly for Developers is evaluating bringing generative AI into the Text Editor SDK later this year. Please check this page for updates.

How does GrammarlyGO use my data?

Grammarly’s enterprise-grade attestations and certifications and user-first approach to security and privacy reflect our practices and policies to keep customers' data safe and secure.

Grammarly’s product offerings only access text when you have the product activated. Grammarly never sells customer data and never provides information to third parties to help them advertise their products to you. Rather, Grammarly makes money when people subscribe to our paid offerings.

Any information used to power GrammarlyGO, such as prompt type, prompt text, and the context in which it’s used, will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with the GrammarlyGO experience. We do not allow any partners or third parties to use your data for training their models or improving their products.

In addition, Grammarly takes extreme care to isolate each customer’s data. Any writing that an individual or organization reviews with Grammarly will never appear in another customer’s writing suggestions.

You’ll Be Amazed at What You Can Do

Ready to experience a new generation in writing? To start using GrammarlyGO, sign up or sign in to Grammarly—or get access for your team.
GrammarlyGO Beta