In today’s digital workplace, your team members are both more distributed and more connected. As teams now fire off more messages faster than ever before, McKinsey estimates that the pandemic drove organizations five years into the digital future in just eight weeks.

  • 85% of companies adopted new digital channels for team collaboration.
  • Nearly half of companies shifted customer communication to new digital channels.
  • Slack use jumped 30% during the pandemic, with more than 1.5 billion messages sent each week.
  • On average, team members communicate across 10 apps each day, switching between them several times an hour.

Every message your teams send is an opportunity to strengthen relationships, enhance productivity and efficiency, and drive performance. With so many messages flowing day after day, it’s nearly impossible for an organization to ensure every communication is effective, professional, and on-brand.

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5 strategies for better digital connection

Try one or more of these five strategies to ensure better communication across all the digital channels you rely on.

1 Communicate with empathy

Today, 68% of customers expect companies to demonstrate empathy, yet only 34% say that brands deliver. That’s why tone is essential in digital communication. Messages tend to be quick and conversational, but they lack the behavioral cues in live conversation. It can be hard to tell if a message is curt or direct. Our AI-powered tone detector analyzes messages to coach team members on how to ensure their digital remarks are friendly, positive, and appropriate.

2 Embrace asynchronous communication

With more people working from home, the lines between office hours and off-hours blur. Embracing asynchronous communication can help employees balance the demands of remote work. For example, you might swap your daily video standup for a Slack check-in. 

3 Keep communications consistent

Your teams need to consistently communicate your brand’s voice and style, especially in external communications. Onboarding new team members remotely can make this difficult. Grammarly Business has a custom style guide feature that helps teams learn and follow your brand standards quickly.

4 Promote clarity and brevity

Your customers and partners are also overwhelmed with digital communications every day. To cut through the noise, your employees need to get straight to the point and clearly communicate their messages. Grammarly Business encourages concise, clear communications that help prevent misunderstandings and deliver results.

5 Provide continuous coaching

Many organizations address communication quality with training in best practices and brand standards. Training is a valuable investment, but it takes more than an isolated training session to change a lifetime of communication habits. Grammarly Business provides continuous, one-on-one writing assistance in the everyday workflow. Team members build skills through regular practice. Meanwhile, cycle times speed up and team resources are free to support other goals.

Empowering teams to make every message count

Your team members need to be able to communicate effectively across every digital channel. Their performance and their customers’ experiences depend on it. And employees are feeling the pressure to step up. In one survey, 38% of people said they worried about how they communicate on digital platforms for work at least once a day. One in ten said they worried about it “all the time.”

Grammarly Business can ease the pressure and anxiety of digital overload and help employees shine with every communication. Because it coaches employees in real-time through the applications they use every day, Grammarly Business’s impact is fast and decisive. After providing access to all employees, one of our clients increased customer satisfaction by 17% and efficiency by 22%.

The power of precise communication

In the digital workplace, precise communication is key to your employees’ success and your company’s performance. Grammarly Business can deliver the precision you need to thrive through the digital boom by continually building a full range of communication strengths. And because it coaches employees in real-time across the applications they use every day, Grammarly Business can help ensure the quality you need with every message.

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