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Grammarly for HR Teams

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HR sets the standard for how employees communicate.

We wanted employees to send high-quality communications, create better customer experiences, and reinforce the culture. Grammarly does just that.

Patrick Sells
Chief Innovation Officer at Quontic

Grammarly Business Can Help Your Team:

Rephrase Sentences

Foster internal alignment

Communicating clearly is essential to get everyone in your organization on the same page.
Strike the right tone

Make good first impressions

Using precise words and the right tone attracts the best talent.
Style Guide

Stay professional

Everyone needs to be heard and understood across an increasingly diverse and distributed workforce.
Works across platforms

Scale across platforms

Grammarly Business works with LinkedIn, Workday, Lattice, Slack, and hundreds of other apps and sites on desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Why HR Leaders Love Grammarly Business

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Grammarly simplifies communications to ensure everyone understands the message.


Grammarly helps a diverse workforce communicate effectively in all interactions across teams.


Grammarly improves whatever employees write as they type it, in all systems and workflows.

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