Quiz: How Understandable Is Your Writing?

Plain language is a style of communication that ensures readers (or listeners) can understand a message quickly, easily, and completely.

But how do you know if you’re actually using plain language? Surely, just being able to decipher business jargon isn’t good enough on its own. How do you know if the language you use is “plain enough”?

To overcome complex jargon, understandable writing and communication

  • uses formatting, bullets, and headings to convey information quickly and easily,
  • prioritizes simple words over complicated phrases, jargon, and idiomatic phrases, and
  • uses the active voice.

To help you decide if your writing is understandable, we’ve put together a quick plain language quiz that looks at your writing habits to tell you whether you’re a plain language master or in need a little practice.

How understandable is your writing? Which bad habits should you work on?

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