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Use Grammarly’s tone detector and tone suggestions to deliver your message the way you intend to, every time.
Tone detector and suggestions deliver your message the way you intend.

Tone Is Key to Effective Communication

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Be confident that your recipient will understand your message the way you intend.
Time saving
Save countless minutes each day when you don’t second-guess how you sound.
Strengthen relationships
Strengthen relationships at work, school, or in everyday life through care and thoughtfulness.

How Are You Sounding Today?


See How You Sound, Change How You Sound

Grammarly’s tone features combine insight and guidance so you strike the right note every time.

Tone detection

By analyzing your word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization, Grammarly’s tone checker can identify the tone of your message before you hit send.
Tone detection identifies the tone of your message.
Use tone suggestions to make your message read as intended.

Tone suggestions

Tailor your tone for your readers so you can communicate with kindness, disagree with grace, and express with confidence, not defensiveness.

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation

In addition to tone guidance, Grammarly’s suggestions make your writing clearer and mistake-free, so it always looks polished.
Communicate confidently with Grammarly's suggestions.

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Tone matters when you’re communicating for work. You can’t quite make the same emotional impact you would in person, so I like using the tone detector to make sure my writing is received well.

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