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Submit flawless writing with built-in proofreading that catches mistakes and improves clarity.
Develop your best ideas and fine-tune your delivery faster with generative AI.
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Ensure that your work is uniquely yours with plagiarism detection and citation support, including for gen AI use.
Stay focused with a seamless writing partner that works in all the apps you’ll use for class—and your career.

Ace Your Assignments 

With Responsible AI

When your writing improves, your grades do, too. Grammarly supports you at every step of the writing process with real-time feedback and AI that helps your skills grow over time.
Grammarly helps improve your paper with new ideas

Write strategically

Grammarly’s AI identifies your key points and helps you develop them so you can solidify your thesis and make your ideas flow logically.
Grammarly helps rewrite your text

Edit in one click

Be confident and clear with generative AI that helps you tighten up wordy passages.
Grammarly shows your text's likeness to existing works

Know your work is 


Scan your text for plagiarism and see source information in seconds.
Grammarly generates a citation from your web browser

Format citations faster

Give credit where it’s due with automated APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citations pulled directly from your browser, and never lose points on misplaced punctuation with citation style formatting support.
Grammarly allows you to easily cite AI use

Show your use of AI

Grammarly makes it easy to acknowledge when you've used generative AI so you can submit assignments with integrity.

See Why Students Prefer Grammarly

Hear from students who use Grammarly to excel in school and at work.
Kim Howard

Thank you @Grammarly for getting me through college! I really don’t think I could do this without you!

Hina Surani (Hee-na)

I love @Grammarly!!! It’s been a life saver from college, internships, to my work now. Appreciate this :)


I have now recommended your service to my entire PhD program

MJ Velasco

Thank you, @Grammarly, for getting me through graduate school I wish I used you in undegrad and HS. I probably would've gotten a 4.0

Michelle Guerin

I downloaded @Grammarly! Small step but the program helps w spelling and suggests better ways of writing things. Saved me through college ngl.

Melissa Ung

I love Grammarly! I started using it in college, and it saved my life in classes and emails! Still using it now

Jess Wythe 🏰

My biggest piece of advice that I have carried with me throughout my time at college and university is to download the @Grammarly plug-in for Microsoft Word. An absolute gamechanger!

Alfa M.

Just discovered @Grammarly's free citation generator and I am loving it. Phew what a relief!



Nadine for your RNtertainment

Am I the last person to realize @Grammarly does citations?! My mind is blown.

Jenn Steinhardt

This is a really cool feature with tech doing some good! @Grammarly now has a beta version of citations. Such a huge fan of this company on so many levels

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