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Writing with Grammarly makes it easy to get your point across. Craft polished emails, add clarity to documents, and overcome writer’s block with an AI writing partner that works where you do.

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A Grammarly user using Writing Suggestions

Grammarly Works Where You Do

Put your best foot forward in every message and document,
wherever you write.
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An AI Writing Assistant Built for Work

User highlighting long text on LinkedIn and using Grammarly to shorten it

Shorten your text
in an instant

Sharpen your message with a single click so your writing is easier to follow and you can get to the point faster.

Tackle the blank page

With ideas and structure delivered straight to the page you're already on, you’ll never miss a deadline again. Brainstorms, outlines, and new perspectives are at your fingertips so you can move from idea to draft faster.
User starting with a blank Google Doc and using Grammarly to draft a project outline
A Grammarly user using Writing Suggestions

The right text for the right context

Get personalized, strategic suggestions based on what you're writing and who will read it so you can more easily get on the same page.

Expedite your
email replies

Inbox zero is no longer only a dream when you can get emails summarized and respond quickly to them using context-specific prompts.
A user using Grammarly to instantly reply to an e-mail in Gmail using generative AI
Shows how a user can use Grammarly to sound confident through generative AI

Come across as confident and professional

Build trust at work with tone suggestions that help you sound assured as you propose an idea, email a client, or communicate with your team.

Proofread with ease

Get real-time feedback on commas, commonly confused words, and more—so every email you send is typo-free.
Shows how a user can use Grammarly to proofread copy
"I could not imagine my communication at work without Grammarly. I am infinitely more confident, productive, and better equipped to communicate my ideas in a concise way for everyone to understand."

Gareth Hood
Staff Product Manager
"Grammarly has easily saved 30% of my time writing emails. I have to communicate highly technical and complex information to senior leadership. Grammarly has taught me to be succinct while still carrying the message through."

Gideon Schoonbee
Engineering Team Lead

Elevate Your Work With
Effortless Writing

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