Grammarly for Windows

An all-in-one writing assistant that works on your desktop and in your browser. Use it in apps, word processors, email clients, and more.
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Improve Your Emails, Messages,
Documents, and More

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Write without

Grammarly works where you do, including Word, Pages, email clients, desktop applications, and web browsers.
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Speed Up
Your Work

Zip through proofreading and use generative AI to instantly create drafts, outlines, and more.
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Install it on your computer to find prompts and suggestions where you need it—no copying or pasting required.
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Prefer Grammarly doesn't see a particular piece of writing? Easily turn it off in any app or program.

Works Where You Write

Grammarly works in 500,000+ apps and programs to help improve your writing without breaking focus or toggling tabs.
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Get Ahead With AI Writing Assistance

Grammarly helps you generate drafts, polish punctuation, and work faster so you can spend less time
on small details and more time on big ideas.
Grammarly suggests a list of social content ideas to appeal to Gen Z.

Speed up your work

Get more done in less time. Grammarly's generative AI lets you draft reports, reply to emails, come up with ideas, and more in seconds.

Proofread with ease

Know your writing is at its best. Grammarly helps you correct commas, commonly confused words, and more in just a few clicks.
Grammarly corrects your spelling and grammar
Grammarly's tone detector makes sure you nail your tone every time.

Make the right impression

The right wording matters. Grammarly’s tone detector lets you know how your writing comes across so you can ensure it lands as intended.

Effortlessly express ideas

Get your points across clearly. Grammarly eliminates unnecessary words and cleans up complicated phrases so your message is easy to understand.
Grammarly offers rephrasing suggestions.
Grammarly Premium suggests changing the adjective in your text.

Find the perfect words

Got something on the tip of your tongue? Grammarly recommends vocabulary improvements to help you say precisely what you mean.


Grammarly is available for download on the Microsoft Store.
Requires Windows 10 or newer.

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Grammarly allows me to get those communications out and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward. Grammarly is like a little superpower, especially when I need to be at 110%.

Jeanette Stock
Co-founder of Venture Out
New York TimesWSJUSA TodayTechCrunchForbes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Grammarly for Windows?

Download Grammarly, open the file, and follow the installation prompts. If you need help, check out our step-by-step support article.

Does Grammarly work in Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can use Grammarly in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Is Grammarly for Windows free?

Yes, you can use Grammarly Free for Windows for as long as you’d like. If you’re looking for more in-depth writing suggestions and customizable features, try Grammarly Premium.

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