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Grammarly Is Now the Ultimate Writing Assistant for Professionals

Updated on November 17, 2020Product

Some of your most important writing happens at work. When your writing needs to shine, Grammarly has always been there to help you figure out what to fix or change. But in crafting an effective piece of writing, not everything is a matter of right or wrong—often, it’s about what will be clear and compelling to your reader. 

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We’ve made updates to the Grammarly browser extension to better guide you through the editing process and help you understand how your writing will likely land with a reader. With a sleek new look that organizes suggestions by importance and theme, easy access to Grammarly’s tone detector, and some seriously cool new types of writing suggestions, it’s never been easier to improve your writing before sending it out into the world.

A sidebar that stays in sync

If you’ve written online with Grammarly before, you’ll be familiar with the red underlines that appear in your text to let you know Grammarly has a suggestion. To allow you to concentrate on writing, you’ll only see those underlines with issues like grammatical mistakes or misspellings. But Grammarly’s writing feedback goes way beyond grammar and spelling. See for yourself by clicking the green G in the lower right corner of your text field to open up Grammarly’s new (and awesome) floating sidebar, which you can position anywhere on your screen.

A generic email with a floating sidebar next to it. The text is grayed except the words "quarter" and "to," underlined in red, and the phrase "testing the talking points in a methodical way," underlined in blue. The user clicks on "fix spelling and grammar (2)" in the sidebar; a comma is added after "quarter" and the underlined "to" is replaced by "too." The user then clicks on "reduce wordiness (1)" in the sidebar, and the phrase "testing the talking points in a methodical way" is replaced with "methodically testing talking points."

In the sidebar, you’ll see all of Grammarly’s typical feedback—including suggestions about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wordiness. Grammarly Premium users have access to an expanded range of suggestions focused on clarity, tone, formatting, and more. Suggestions are now grouped by theme, so you can see at a glance how the changes will improve the overall effectiveness of your message and tackle them in an order that makes sense to you. 

By default, the suggestions you see are the ones that will have the biggest impact on your writing based on the goals you’ve set. When you have the time to go even deeper, you can explore Grammarly’s nice-to-have suggestions by choosing All Suggestions from the dropdown menu in the sidebar.

Taking tone to the next level

In writing, tone is tricky. Without physical cues or facial expressions, it’s all too easy for a reader to interpret your tone as annoyed when you were only trying to keep your message brief and to the point. Grammarly Premium identifies phrases that may make you sound unconfident, unfriendly, overly negative, or impolite and offers alternatives to help shift your tone in a different direction. Plus, at the bottom of the floating sidebar, you’ll see Grammarly’s tone prediction—that’s how a reader will likely interpret the overall tone of your message. Clicking on this prediction will open up Grammarly’s tone detector, where you can see your message’s primary and secondary tones.

A generic email with the text underlined in blue. The user clicks on the Grammarly logo in the bottom-right corner and the text changes: suggested removals are crossed out in red while new suggested words are added in green. Original: Kim mentioned you had some demographic data from the summer collection ad campaign, and I was wondering if you could send it my way tonight [...]. Revised: Kim mentioned you had some demographic data from the summer collection ad campaign. I wondered if you could send it my way tonight [...]

Reconstructing sentences for clarity

Even sentences that are grammatically correct can sometimes be hard to understand. Grammarly can spot unnecessarily wordy phrases and offer you concise, easy-to-read alternatives. But what about sentences that are truly tangled up? Grammarly Premium can now offer full-sentence rewrites for confusing sentences. Whether the solution is splitting a long sentence in two, cutting extra words, or moving a key phrase from one place to another, Grammarly can show you what needs to be done.

Formatting for improved readability

Everybody gets too many emails. At times, we’ve all had to resort to skimming messages instead of reading each one thoroughly. So how do you make sure your readers absorb the important information in your email, even if they end up skimming it? 

A generic email with a floating sidebar next to it and the Grammarly Premium logo in the upper-right corner. In the email, one paragraph and a date in a second paragraph both highlighted in blue. The user clicks "reformat list (1)" in the sidebar and the first paragraph is restructured as a bulleted list. The user then clicks "bold key information (1)" and the underlined date is bolded.

Keeping your message short and sweet is one way. But Grammarly Premium can help you do even better with readability-focused formatting suggestions. You can now automatically convert long lists into easy-to-read bullet points. Plus, Grammarly Premium can detect important dates and deadlines you mention in your text and recommend styling them in bold to help them stand out.

Helping multilingual speakers write fluently

If English isn’t your primary language, you may have additional concerns about your writing, like ensuring that your phrasing sounds fluent and your word choice sounds natural. Grammarly Premium helps multilingual speakers sound their best in English with tailored suggestions to improve grammar and idiomatic phrasing. In addition to offering general fluency assistance, Grammarly Premium now includes tailored suggestions for writing issues common among Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, French, and German speakers. (Tailored suggestions for other language backgrounds are on the way!)

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are. Whether you’re working on an important email, a résumé, or a masterpiece of a report, Grammarly is always ready to help you make sure it’s clear and effective.

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