Marketing Team
Drive Results
That Impact Growth
Every day on the marketing team is exciting because every test can lead to a breakthrough. We encourage using new ideas and taking chances.
With Grammarly’s leading product at your disposal, it’s not so much about hacking growth as it is about communicating clearly to the right audiences. Okay, sometimes it is about hacking growth.
We look for candidates with a learning mindset. Your professional development is very important to us, so we’ll provide mentorship and chances to learn new skills along the way.
Create Fun, Customer-Focused Content
Interacting with Grammarly’s audience is deeply satisfying and rewarding. The more we connect with them in unique ways, the more they engage with us. It’s no coincidence that writing breeds creativity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of what makes us human. When you join the marketing team at Grammarly, you get to play in a creative and user-focused sandbox that rewards an adventurous and encouraging spirit.