Live chat is an enormously effective tactic for inside sales teams. Customers love its immediacy and convenience. And with real agents staffing the chatbox, live chat can lead to higher conversion rates and order values. Of course, to deliver a positive brand experience, live agents need to write polished, professional messages. 

That’s true for any business, but it’s especially crucial for MarketStar and CloudTask sales agents, who staff the website chatbox for Grammarly itself. Grammarly Business is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps businesses grow by improving customer-facing communications—and customers who interact with the company online have high expectations for clear, accurate communication.

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The opportunity

MarketStar and CloudTask agents help meet the expectations of potential Grammarly customers while answering all kinds of questions and sharing a variety of resources.

With its rising adoption rates and expanding reach, Grammarly Business has seen growing traffic on its website—which has meant increased chat volumes. This led to greater expectations for MarketStar and CloudTask teams to deliver on pace and at a high quality while engaging these prospective customers. 

When Grammarly Business rolled out new enterprise features in early 2021, MarketStar and CloudTask chat agents were among the first to use these new features. With new time-saving features such as snippets, chat agents can now drive greater communication quality, consistency, and efficiency for Grammarly Business customers. 

The new Grammarly Business features and upgrades helped MarketStar and CloudTask agents organically upskill their writing and communicate with confidence. The writing assistant also helped agents create both the time and headspace to drive more revenue for Grammarly Business.

Thanks to the productivity features of Grammarly Business, our vendor agents can now handle three chats at a time with quality and efficiency.

Danielle Albini
Sales Program Manager, Grammarly Business (a client of MarketStar and CloudTask)

Snippets help agents deliver preset, commonly used messages in just a few keystrokes. MarketStar and CloudTask started using snippets to benefit from the new Grammarly Business product launch, sharing info-packed messages with links to videos and help center articles. Snippets helped them convey the full benefits of the new features quickly and consistently. 

Style guides and analytics have been crucial to upleveling quality. Since their launch, custom style guides have helped our agents communicate according to Grammarly Business writing guidelines. The new analytics dashboard metrics make it even easier for us to stay on-brand—and to onboard new agents to Grammarly Business effectively. Our leaders use analytics to identify communication trends, strengths, and opportunities while watching how snippets and other features impact productivity.

The results

Empowering our chat agents to use Grammarly’s product when supporting our new feature launch, we delivered significant results. First, we improved our chat response time by 29%, with customers waiting just 34 seconds to interact with a live agent. (Industry benchmarks set a response time under 60 seconds as “very good.”). Second, because snippets have helped us keep our chat responses quick, we’re managing three chats at a time while communicating accurately and with confidence. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, our agents increased chat-influenced revenue by 40%.

Grammarly’s chat team also saw a significant lift in organic writing improvements and communication confidence while using the new Grammarly Business features. MarketStar and CloudTask agents were empowered to move from reactively answering questions to proactively highlighting key features and benefits. Now we’re always operating one step ahead, communicating the value that sells the product.

Faster responses, double-checked with in-the-moment writing feedback, plus more visibility into agent performance are all key components of how our chat teams use Grammarly Business to go above and beyond.

If you would like to help your inside sales and chat support teams improve response time, deliver a consistently positive customer experience, and drive more revenue, contact us today or learn more.

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