It’s Monday: Wake Up And Smell the Coffee

It’s Monday: Wake Up And Smell the Coffee

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Happy Monday!

Whoever first said that a dog is a man’s best friend must not have experienced good coffee on a rough morning. Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs, but it is likely that most people would prefer waking up to a steamy mug of caffeine over a slobbery lick to the face. Coffee is the number one reason that some people get out of bed in the morning – and you don’t have to take it outside to pee.

In her book, Master of the Mountain, Cherise Sinclair jokes that, “No matter what historians claimed, B.C. really stood for ‘Before Coffee.’” A time before coffee existed? That’s an idea scary enough to strike fear into the hearts (and mouths) of many.

Coffee is complicated!

Coffee is such an ingrained part of our culture that many people profess loyalty to certain coffee chains and will entertain hour-long arguments to defend their honor; entire businesses are built around designing the perfect coffee mug, or the one with the wittiest slogan (here are 35 of the best); and most people struggle to order their daily fix in 20 words or less.

“Coffee with cream” no longer exists, except maybe in your kitchen. If you try to order that at your local coffee shop, the person behind the counter will inevitably have questions: “Low-fat, non-fat, or regular cream?”, “One squirt or two?” “Are you sure you don’t want sugar?”

What kind of coffee drinker are you?

The fact is that we define ourselves by our approach to coffee. Just check out this list of “Types of Coffee Drinkers” from Thrillist to determine which of the 29 types fits you best. Or, see which celebrities are known for their coffee addictions according to Yahoo! Celebrity by visiting this link. Do you drink your coffee black? Then you’re in good company with hunky actor, Alexander Skarsgard. Actress Eliza Dushku uses coffee grounds as part of her beauty regime.

But coffee isn’t a modern-day invention. Traveling back in history, Johann Sebastian Bach was known for his love of coffee as mentioned in this article on He even wrote a “Coffee Cantata” to express his love for the delicious drink: “If I can’t drink my bowl of coffee three times daily, then in my torment, I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat.”

You’re preaching to the choir, Bach.

Is coffee bad for you?

Much debated is whether coffee is indeed bad for our health. But if you need another reason to continue your daily habit guilt free, just remember that, according to this list on BuzzFeed, “Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit.” No one ever tells you not to eat fruit!

If you’re interested in a more detailed look at this debate, Huffington Post offers this close look at both sides. Cast your vote for the most convincing argument. And, because many of us would have trouble not being swayed by the hope that our daily habit is good for us, here’s a study that concludes coffee drinkers live longer.

Live to brew another day!

We’ll leave you with this poem that only further proves our culture’s obsession with a steamy cup o’ joe:

I envy

the cup of coffee

that gets

to kiss

your sleepy lips


every cold and

bitter morning.

– Sade Andria Zabala

Do you have a love affair with coffee? It’s Monday; start strong . . . or at least with a strong cup.

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