This Week in Writing, 8/29-9/4

This Week in Writing, 8/29-9/4
Updated on 4 September 2015

Happy Friday! Once again it’s time for our weekly roundup of stories about writing, books, and authors. Have something you’d like to see us cover here? Let us know in the comment section!

Our Favorite Stories:

1 Tips for Aspiring Writers in 12 Infographics (Ebook Friendly)

2 Writing Tips from a Supreme Court Justice (Time)

3 J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Trivia Tweets (Salon)

4 Good Grammar Can Keep You Out of Trouble (Grammarly)

Staff Book Picks of the Week:

The Shepherd’s Crown (Fiction) Terry Pratchett

“Terry Pratchett’s final Discworld novel, and the fifth to feature the witch Tiffany Aching. Deep in the Chalk, something is stirring. The owls and the foxes can sense it, and Tiffany Aching feels it in her boots. An old enemy is gathering strength.”

On the Move: A Life (Nonfiction) Oliver Sacks

On the Move is the story of a brilliantly unconventional physician and writer—and of the man who has illuminated the many ways that the brain makes us human.”

Author & Illustrator Birthdays:

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – August 30, 1797 Virginia Lee Burton – August 30, 1909 Robert Crumb – August 30, 1943 Malcolm Gladwell – September 3, 1963 Richard Wright – September 4, 1908

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