14 People Who May Love Books More Than You Do

14 People Who May Love Books More Than You Do

Loving books is not a competition. There’s no such thing as a bookworm grand prix. But then again, it’s hard not to notice that some people are bigger bookworms than others or are expressing their love of books in ways that other people might find a little bit too out there. From creating elaborate reading corners and having tattoos of books to building bookshelves that spell “worm” and simply having a lot of books on a to-read list, people celebrate their love of books in many different, creative ways. We’ve found fourteen people from all around the Internet whose love of books might inspire you to add some oomph to your bookishness.

1 Line your walls with book-themed wallpapers!

2 Do you have so many books you can’t even tell how many books you have?

Coffee Stains and Cashmere needs more bookshelves

3 When bookishness is your number one criterion for picking a soulmate.

4 Admit it, you like that bookshelf.

Girl lays on sofa reading in front of epic bookshelf

5 The perfect hiding spot.

 Girl hides in stack of books reading.

6 Like you never wanted to take a whole bookstore home with you.

Sometimes I think the reason I buy so many books is because I’m trying to recreate in my bedroom the feeling I get in a bookstore.

7 Get them while they’re young!

8 The importance of being honest with oneself.

9 If left untreated, to-read piles will grow to be three bookshelves large.

I remember when my tbr pile only consisted of 3 books and not 3 shelves ??✨

A photo posted by Audrey (@audreysbooknook) on

10 DIY + being a bookworm = a great bookshelf.

Bookshelf spells the word WORM.

11 Do you measure the amount of books you have by how close you are to arranging them into a heart?

12 Planning will get you a long way in life. It doesn’t hurt your bibliophilic ambitions, either.

Reading log bullet journal layout

13 The point where you can teach others how to be a bookworm. Spreading the joy!

14 Just so you can carry some books with you always.

Bookshelf tattoo Are you a bibliophile? Show us your love by commenting and sharing your photos with us on social media. Remember to tag your post with #BookLove.

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