Our Favorite Words in the English Language

Updated on 3 October 2012

Whether you are a logophile (word lover) or not, you probably can think of one or two words that you really enjoy using. These words don’t have to be rare or exotic. In fact, sometimes it’s far better if they aren’t. Some of my personal favorites are demure, frank, and stalwart. Why are they my favorites? Well, besides being fun to say, they are concrete and clear.

I’ve decided to run a poll on our Facebook page seeking out the top five favorite words in the English language. I asked:

There will be a lot of nominations, but only the top five will be featured in a blog post next week and made into a cool graphic. Naturally, for this poll, we will only accept words that have been added to mainstream dictionaries and are not slang.

Why not cast your vote? Visit the poll.

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