“Where do you do it?” Meme Generators

"Where do you do it?" Meme Generators

Do you want to help us spread awareness for writing, GrammoWriMo, and NaNoWriMo? Or maybe you just want to show some of your writer-pride? Either way, we’ve put together a special meme for you to customize with your own #IDoIt caption.

To create your own #IDoIt meme to share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and other social media channels, follow the instructions below:

1. Choose whether you would like a male image or a female image.

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2. Once you are on the meme page, enter your meme text in the “top text” field. Meme text should follow the format “I do it in the mall/ at the library/ with friends/ etc.”

3. When you finalize your text, edit your font by selecting ‘Arial’ from the drop down and clicking the ‘no caps’ button.

4. Reposition the text box to the middle of the image by clicking and dragging.

5. Click “Generate” to publish your meme as a public or private meme. (Public memes can more easily be shared on social channels. Both are anonymous, unless you create an account.)

6. Share your fun, new image! Be sure to tag Grammarly so that we can see all the fun places where our friends write!



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