Meet Nikolas Baron!

Meet Nikolas Baron!

SEO manager,

How long have you worked at Grammarly?

260 days, 23 hours, and 38 minutes

What do you do?

I reach out to bloggers and webmasters all over the world and try to recruit them into our community.

What is the best thing about working at Grammarly?

Unlimited access to the most exquisite selection of office snacks to have ever existed – special thanks to Kahlynn Hunt for making this happen!

What is your favorite memory related to working at Grammarly?

I had a great time drinking a beer with my co-workers at the office after turning 21.

What is your favorite word, and why?



  • (of a word) Polysyllabic; long: “sesquipedalian surnames”
  • Characterized by long words; long-winded.

This word is our beautiful language showing us it has a sense of humor.

What is the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

The Killer Inside Me, by Jim Thompson


If you could be a superhero, what superpowers would you have? Why?

I would like the power to sneakily turn on background music of my choice everywhere I go, audible to everyone around me. Just think of how you could influence otherwise boring every-day situations!

Nik Baron

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