How to ‘Wow’ with Your Summer Party Invitations

How to 'Wow' with Your Summer Party Invitations

summer, party, BBQ, invitation, writing, GrammarlyIt’s summertime. The lawn is mowed, the flowers are blooming, the pool is clean and glistening, and you are ready to throw a party. You’ve been waiting to fire that grill up all year long. So, where do you begin?

With the right invitation, of course.

You can send a digital invite, but for a planned party, it’s much more personal if you send a physical invitation. Organize something fun that goes off without a hitch, and everyone will surely remember it.

Try some of these summer themes for your party.

Summer BBQ: A summer BBQ revolves around food. Your invitation should do the same. Let your guests know what you plan to serve. Would you like them to bring a dish? Be sure and tell them. BBQs are especially popular around the Fourth of July holiday. Planning your BBQ near an official, public fireworks display is sure to be fun for all of your guests.

Pool Party: Summer is hot, and a pool party is just the way to find relief. Let your guests know what they need to bring, especially towels and bathing suits. The theme of the party can include any pool games you’d like to play with your guests.

Picnic Party: The picnic party is fun for the whole family. Any suitable park is a good setting, with activities for adults and children alike. The best part about this party is that the guests can bring all of their own refreshments. This frees you up as a host, and you can have more fun. All you have to do is organize the time, date, and place.

Ice Cream Social: Theme your party around one of the best summer treats: ice cream. Suitable for adults or children, you can create the frozen buffet yourself, or have your guests bring their favorite flavors. The settings can vary. Just pick a place that is shaded. You don’t want the heart of the party to melt too quickly.

Beach Party: If you are fortunate enough to live near a large body of water, the beach party is the perfect way to get together with your friends. A picnic lunch is probably best, for ease of cleanup. And be sure to bring music. An impromptu dance-party in the sand is a great way to unwind.

Kids’ Parties: If you have children, many of your summer events will revolve around them. Use bright colors on your invitation and try to orchestrate a theme around the event. If you plan a pool party, try using various shades of turquoise or blue. If it’s a birthday event, it might be fun to use pictures of the birthday boy/girl. Theme the wording on the invitation around your event, and try to come up with an easy tag phrase: “No school, it’s cool, time for the pool.”

Adult Parties: An adult invitation can be a bit more subdued, but should still be light and fun. Be sure to use a tag phrase on the invitation. Keep your audience in mind. For general use, something simple will suffice: “All work and no play? Join us for a drink or two.” If it’s a group of close friends, feel free to use short snippets of your favorite poetry, or inside-joke quotes that your guests will understand. It’s always appropriate to give your invitations that extra touch of personalization.

Regardless of the party theme you pick for your invitation, always remember to include the essentials: the event, your name and contact information, date, time, place, and RSVP. And for goodness’ sake, make sure you’ve used correct spelling and grammar on the invitation!

Party on, friends.

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