Hot Off the Presses: New changes to the AP Stylebook

Hot Off the Presses: New changes to the AP Stylebook
Updated on 6 April 2015

The Associated Press Stylebook is a guide for style and usage in written news reporting. Why do writers need a style guide? A style guide helps writers know what the rules are: whether the Oxford comma should be used or not, when to spell out numerals, how to capitalize the names of organizations, etc. Writers may use other style guides in different situations, including the Chicago Manual of Style and the American Medical Association Manual of Style. Each year, the AP Stylebook is updated to include new terms and popular word usages. Here are two interesting updates being made to this year’s Stylebook:

Social media terminology Social media users, rejoice! The terms “favorite” (used as a verb) and “meme” have been added to the AP Stylebook this year.

Global warming In the past, it’s been unclear whether journalists should use the term “global warming” or “climate change.” Now writers don’t have to choose because the AP has declared that the terms can be used interchangeably.

The AP bases its Stylebook updates on common usage of words so that the language writers use is accurate and makes sense to readers. What terminology do you think should be added to or clarified in the AP Stylebook? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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