Grammarly’s First TweetUp — Let’s Talk on Twitter

Grammarly’s First TweetUp -- Let’s Talk on Twitter

OprahThe rules for correcting others’ grammar and spelling in a public forum often go unspoken. You’re not supposed to call writers out on their errors, but how can they get better if you don’t point out their most obvious mistakes?

Some errors are so insolent to the rules of writing that — instead of offering a polite correction —  your edits emerge from your inner self like word-vomit. Before you can swallow them down, you find yourself standing up in your seat in a lecture hall filled with 500 people insisting that the professor has misspelled ‘onomatopoeia.’

Clued in by a chain reaction of eye rolls, you’ve now been inadvertently branded as the semester’s “know-it-all” — what have you done?

The Grammarly team wants to know what you think about editing others’ grammar. When should you edit, and when you should you just forget it? #EditOrForgetIt

Here are a few questions to think about before the Twitter chat begins:

  • When is it okay to correct someone’s grammar? In class? At work? On Facebook?
  • When should you keep your edits to yourself?
  • Does correcting privately make unsolicited edits more palatable?

We’re looking forward to your participation; don’t forget to invite your friends!

WHO:              Grammarly cordially invites YOU (and we hope you invite your grammar-savvy friends) to…

WHAT:            Grammarly’s first tweet-chat!

WHEN:           Wednesday, November 6, 8:00 a.m. PT

WHERE:         Join via Twitter by following the hashtag, #EditOrForgetIt

WHY:               To get to the bottom of the age-old question of when you should speak up about poor writing — and when you are just being a know-it-all.

HOW:              Use the #EditOrForgetIt hashtag to participate in the tweet-chat.

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