Grammarly Reviews – Where to Find Them

Updated on 3 November 2014

For every product conceivable, there are hundreds of reviews. You can find 5-star reviews as easily as 1-star reviews for the same product. The problem is, many reviews are unverified. Most websites allow anyone to post their opinions. As a consumer, wouldn’t you like to be sure that reviews are based on the experiences of real customers? How can you find trustworthy customer feedback for products like Grammarly?

The good news is that there is a new website to help you in your quest for reliable criticism. We would like to introduce you to eKomi, the feedback company. eKomi uses special software to request Grammarly reviews from customers who purchase the product. Therefore, the contributors of the reviews on the eKomi website are all actual customers. What a relief! You can be confident that each review reflects genuine opinions based on real experiences using the product.

If you are considering a Grammarly purchase, why not read some of our reviews on eKomi? Here is an example of a constructive comment from an eKomi’s dedicated Grammarly page.

“I use Grammarly to write everything. I wish I could integrate it with the word processor on macs as well.”

This review is helpful for Mac users. It is also helpful to us at Grammarly because we can gauge what upcoming features are most important to our clients. While we appreciate feedback of all kinds, the ones that highlight specific aspects of our products are most informative. For example, this comment from an eKomi rater was particularly descriptive:

“I like Grammarly very much. I have been compiling a book based on 1921 letters written by my wife’s great aunt. [Grammarly] has been immensely helpful in cleaning up grammar in making the content clearer and… easier to read.

“I did have a problem using Grammarly with Safari; however, the excellent technical support worked diligently in finding the problem and developing a solution. Once that problem was solved we flew through the project. I use Grammarly almost daily.”

Have you recently purchased the Grammarly program? If so, we will be looking for your unique perspective on the eKomi website! In addition to our reviews on eKomi, we are also featuring Grammarly opinions on the Grammarly reviews page. Send your feedback, along with a photograph if you’d like, to Be sure to mention what you like best about Grammarly and what improvements you would like to see.

How can you find and leave reliable, informative reviews for Grammarly? There are now two great options! The eKomi website and our reviews page both feature Grammarly feedback from verified users. Why not visit both websites today?

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