Grammarly Presents: The Best of 2014

Grammarly Presents: The Best of 2014
Updated on 26 December 2014

If 2014 were a book, then December is winding down like the final chapter in a classic page-turner. For Grammarly, 2014 was our most thrilling adventure yet, undoubtedly because of the support from readers like you. For instance, we grew from 800 thousand Facebook fans to 4.6 million in less than 12 months. We knew we were fun to hang out with (in a nerdy sort of way), but that growth was incredibly gratifying to watch.

Our mission is to improve lives through improving communication. Whether you are checking your text using our editor, reading our informative articles, or just giggling at something silly we posted online, you are part of that mission. So, we must simply say THANK YOU for an incredible year.

As a gesture of reflection and gratitude, we wanted to share our best from the year. Here are the ‘Greatest Hits’ of 2014 from our Blog . . .

Top 10 Most Read Articles and Posts:

#1. Know your Latin: i.e. vs. e.g.

#2. Why do we shorten Christmas as Xmas?

#3. 3 Words that Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

#4. Why good grammar matters—

#5. Ellen and Hugh Laurie compare British and American slang; how many can you get right?

#6. There is one glaring error here.* Make sure you can identify it.

#7. “Supposably” is a word, but there’s a 99% chance you don’t know how to use it.

#8. Finally someone is correcting these ridiculous signs!

#9. 7 Wonderful Books That You Can Read in Less Than A Day

#10. What happens when voice recognition software meets the Scottish accent? Hilarity.

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