Grammar is Only a Piece of the Pie

Updated on 26 December 2013

This Thanksgiving, Grammarly embarked on a quest to find the most delicious pumpkin pie recipe on the web. We discovered some complicated concoctions from celebrity chefs, some simple secrets from popular brands like Libby’s and Bisquick, and some interesting instructions from online recipe sites.

It was too difficult for us to decide on the “best” pumpkin pie recipe, but we did notice a few trends that we wanted to share with you in preparation for the season of holiday sweets and festive treats.

Individual chefs make cooking “easy as pie.” Celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray make the fewest spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors (3.9 errors per 100 words) in their pumpkin pie recipes than recipes from brands or recipe sites. Brands make an average of 5.4 errors per 100 words in their pumpkin pie recipes, while recipe sites such as Cook’s Illustrated and Epicurious seem to eat “humble pie” with an average of 8.6 errors per 100 words.

Brands like to keep it simple in the kitchen. From Pillsbury to Splenda, Libby’s to Eagle Brand, brand recipes call for 61 percent fewer ingredients than pumpkin pie recipes from chefs (who average nearly 13 ingredients in their complicated pumpkin pie concoctions). Pillsbury calls for only six ingredients in its pumpkin pie recipe; Eagle Brand calls for seven ingredients; and Libby’s calls for eight ingredients. On the other end of the spectrum, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has a whopping 21 ingredients in his pumpkin pie recipe.

Brands can “stand the heat” in the kitchen. On average, brand recipes call for pumpkin pie to be cooked at 400 degrees. Chefs, on the other hand, “play it cool” by cooking their pumpkin pie at an average temperature of 365 degrees.

Check out our infographic here:

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Best Pumpkin Pie Recipes of All-Time:


Bobby Flay

Giada de Laurentiis

Martha Stewart

Paula Deen

Rachael Ray


Bisquick/Betty Crocker

Eagle Brand




Recipe Sites


Cook’s Illustrated




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