Grammar Madness: The Battle to Determine the Most Maddening Writing Error

Grammar Madness: The Battle to Determine the Most Maddening Writing Error

Since the dawn of writing, grammarians have been irked by sloppy and erroneous written communication. But over the past few years, it’s gotten increasingly difficult to go even a single day without seeing several writing errors. From street signs to Facebook status updates, unfortunate writing mistakes are omnipresent in both the real world and the virtual.

Over the next few weeks, the Grammarly team will use social media to determine the most detestable of all writing errors. After all, who better to make this determination than the world’s largest community of grammarians?

Voting begins on March 18 in conjunction with one the most popular sporting events in America. (We couldn’t let grammarians be the only ones without a bracket on which to bet, could we?!)

Behold: The battle for the dubious distinction of “Most MADDENING Writing Error!”

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Here’s how “Grammar Madness” works:

— Grammarly created four “regions” representing specific grammar errors that drive grammarians up the wall:

Your Confused! This region honors contextual spelling mistakes. Often writers spell a word correctly, but use the word in the wrong context. This drives grammarians crazy, especially on Facebook.

i should of cared less: Lazy writers are hazy writers. This region features mistakes that could be easily found and corrected in writing – if only the writer spent a few more minutes proofreading to ensure a clear message.

“Fire your Proofreader’s” From comma splices to misused apostrophes, this region focuses on the most technical of grammar mistakes.

Definately Annoying: This region is dedicated to incorrectly using, or spelling, a word. It is literally the worst, don’t you think?

— Beginning on March 18, there will be a daily vote for the most annoying writing error in one of the four regions. We’ll post the errors here, as well as to our Facebook page and Twitter handle.

— You can vote for the worst mistake by liking, re-tweeting, sharing, or commenting on Facebook or Twitter.

— Each day, the winning error will advance to the next round of the bracket until we finally crown the most “maddening” grammar error on April 6.

Best of luck!

**UPDATE: Check out our Grammar Madness winner here.**

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Weekly Grammar Tips
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