Cool Things We Do With Words: Vows, Oaths, and Promises

Updated on 18 January 2013

What is more special than a promise? As children (and let’s be honest, as adults, too) we valued promises highly among our friends and family. The act of promising and the act of being worth promising something to elevates our relationships. It’s a perfect example of how beautiful and powerful words can be.

There are a lot of amazing activities we do with words and language. Few are as sacred or important as the vows or oaths that we make throughout our lives. Whether vocalized or put into writing, these words are something more than words alone; they convey an emotion and intent that is exclusive to the act of promising, the act of commitment to values and action.

This weekend, the President of the United States will be taking the Oath of Office for his second term. It is a very important promise to the U.S., but as we found out last week there are other vows and oaths that people believe have a larger impact in one’s life.


Which vows, oaths, or promises do you think carry the most weight?

Which of these promises do you think are the most beautifully worded?

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