Realise vs. Realize

Realise vs. Realize

People associate a lot of things with British culture. According to the 2016 Britishness Audit, a nice cup of tea and a…

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Cue vs. Queue

Queue is the most redundant word in the English language. 80% of it's letters are unnecessary.

A mother and daughter may sound alike on the phone, but if you meet them in real life you can usually tell who is who.

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OK vs. Okay

OK Okay O.K.

Finish this sentence: Everything is going to be. . . If you’re like most people, the first word you thought of was okay—or was…

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Burnt or Burned?

Burnt vs. Burned

Some packages of crayons come with over a hundred colors. Among them are the mysterious burnt umber and burnt sienna. These hues are intriguing because…

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Spelled or Spelt?

Spelled vs. Spelt

Are you a fan of irony? If so, you might find a bit of amusement in the following scenario: A public speaker lectures on…

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Judgement or Judgment?

Judgement vs. Judgment

You don’t need a judgeship to have an opinion on how to spell certain words. Judgement or judgment—which spelling is the correct one? All judges…

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What Is Comradery?

Do your friends inspire you to set goals? Do they support you as you try to reach them? Do they lovingly challenge you when you…

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Than Vs. Then

Two acquaintances who share many of the same features may be difficult to distinguish from one another. How can you tell them apart? One way…

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Are You Blond or Blonde?

In every culture, there are legends. For example, according to ancient Scottish folklore, women with braided hair kept their sailor husbands safe at sea. Loosening…

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