What Is Verbiage?


There are examples throughout the world of people trying to use as few words as possible to convey the most meaning. Haiku poetry, for example,…

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Liar, Lier!

Few spelling conundrums carry as much potential for personal injury and destruction of property as liar and lier (both pronounced LIE-er). The meaning of the…

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Presume vs. Assume

What’s the difference between “assume” and “presume”? “Assume” is to “presume” as a brother is to a sister. The previous statement is an analogy, a…

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Fiancé vs. Fiancée

Fiancé Fiancée

Why is French the language of love? Some say French sounds romantic. Perhaps it’s the soft syllables and flowing words? Not surprisingly, French lends the…

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Crayfish vs. Crawfish

You can’t just throw anything into a pot and expect it to taste good. Chefs and home cooks appreciate a tried-and-true recipe. They know that…

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