3 Apps to Save You Time on Work Chat

3 Apps to Save You Time on Work Chat

Do you often find yourself scrambling to get everything done? The good news is that taking a few short seconds to install an app can save you hours. If you use Slack to communicate at work, learn how to make this collaboration tool work most effectively.

Apps for Slack

Reacji Channeler

Imagine that you want to send the same message to various people on a regular basis. In the past, you might have tediously copied the message from one channel to another. Now, you can use one command to choose an emoji and designate it to a specific channel. Anytime someone uses that emoji in a public channel, the message will instantly be shared on the channel you chose. For example, you can tell your team to share new insights in the Ideas channel by using the lightbulb emoji in any channel they are using. Or, you can instantly send kudos to an Employee Appreciation channel for deserving team members by adding the thumbs up emoji to a congratulatory comment. Not only do you save time switching back and forth, but also you can rest easy that all the right people will see all the important messages.


One of the biggest time wasters is switching between programs and applications. Enter MailClerk, described as “the email bot.” A bot is a software application designed to perform a task quickly. MailClerk allows you to form an email group of people who don’t use Slack. Without leaving Slack, you can receive and reply to emails from your external email account. What’s the benefit? Consider this scenario: With MailClerk, you can set up a team inbox for your Customer Support employees. Not only can they exchange emails from clients needing help, but they can also receive alerts, notifications, and newsletters in one convenient channel! No more minimizing screens and logging into separate email accounts for those team members. Instead, they can jump right into helping the client. It’s like coordinating all the features of a help desk within Slack. Think about your company. Would this app enhance its ability to serve your clients promptly and efficiently?


Do you sometimes struggle to get your colleagues to share your vision? Screenhero can make things easier than ever to illustrate your ideas. With this add-on, you can simultaneously share your screen with multiple members of your team. While you do so, you can use the voice chat feature to communicate, and everyone can use their mouse cursors to manipulate items on the screen. How does it work? Simply set up a Screenhero account for yourself and each member of your team. Then, in Slack, type /hero@username for each workmate you would like to invite to view your project. Which project? You can write code with your partner in Tokyo, design marketing with a specialist in Dubai, and get feedback from your best friend in the office next door! You are limited only by your own imagination.

Even if you have a lot of messages to send at work, there’s no reason to panic. By choosing the right apps, you can customize Slack to meet your communication needs. Screenhero, MailClerk, and Reacji Channeler are just a few of the apps that are available to Slack users. Why not visit Slack’s app directory to peruse what they have to offer? Besides apps to streamline communication, there are more than fifteen other categories of extensions, such as office management, customer support, and even travel, social, and fun. Just imagine how much more your company can accomplish with the time you will save!

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