According to our Facebook friends, learning grammar in school is important

Updated on 11 October 2012

It seems that people not only care about using grammar, but also about using it correctly. 

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On Monday, we ran an informal poll on our Facebook page. After a recent article in the Huffington post discussing an increased demand for grammar study in education, we asked our followers: “Do you think studying grammar in school is important?” The results were unsurprising, but overwhelmingly one-sided. Of the three options (Yes, No, and No opinion), 98.6% of voters said that grammar study was important.

Naturally, we understand that our Facebook community is not a representative sample of the population. Many people who “like” our Facebook page and who saw the poll are interested in English grammar and therefore are more likely to think that studying it is important. What is interesting is how overwhelmingly people seemed to agree that grammar study in school is valuable.

What do you think, should grammar be taught more in schools?

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