A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 17

A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 17
Updated on 24 April 2015

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Congratulations to today’s #PoetryMonth poet, Mary Bernard! Mary blogs at Writing Mom of 3 and is a Grammarly affiliate. She has won the first ever Affiliate Poetry Contest!

“‘Twas the Week Before May” Mary Bernard

‘Twas the week before May, and all through the land Not a mother was ready for all that was planned.

The schedules were filled with too much to do As everyone wondered how they’d make it through.

The children were waiting for the year’s end– Summer vacation they wanted to spend.

With Mom in the minivan, the kids strapped in back, We braced for May 1 as we would for attack.

As the clock chimed twelve and April turned to May We dove headlong into the chaotic fray:

Final tests! And projects! And banquets and games! “Help me,” I cried, lest we go down in flames.

Picnics! Elections! Concerts! And prom! “I could use some wine to get back my calm.”

Graduation! And board meetings so next year we won’t sweat! “Tell me, is it Memorial Day yet?”

To the end of the month, to the week, to the day, Now go away! Go away! Just. Go. Away.

And then in a twinkling, the calendar was clean Like that! It was over—my month fueled by caffeine.

I sighed a relief and gave a pat on the back I’d made it through another May Attack.

I spoke not a word, but instead smiled inside Sanity intact, I swelled with pride.

But my moment was short as I realized, now sober: I’ll be doing it again in October.


About the author: Mary Bernard headshot Mary Bernard works part-time as a freelance writer, content marketing consultant, editor, and “ghost blogger.” Mary is also a full-time mom who faces each May with great trepidation. When she’s not fighting the calendar to manage her home, work, husband, three kids, dog, and cat, she blogs at WritingMomof3.com.



Every weekday in April, we will be sharing a poem, an excerpt of poetry, or a feature on a poet. Our celebration will feature international poetry from every era, and we ask our friends to join us throughout the month by sharing their favorite poetry under the tag #PoetryMonth.

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