6 Ways to Celebrate National Teacher Day

6 Ways to Celebrate National Teacher Day
Updated on 29 April 2015

May 5 is National Teacher Day. In advance of the holiday, it’s important to remember that you wouldn’t be where you are today without the teachers who influenced you throughout your life. Whether your favorite educators are from elementary school, high school, or college, make sure to tell them what a positive effect they’ve had on your life. Here are six ways to celebrate National Teacher Day.

Write a Thoughtful Letter

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Sometimes heartfelt words are the best gift a teacher can receive. Think about how significantly your favorite teacher has impacted your life and take a minute to write down exactly how much she or he has done for you. Whether a great elementary science teacher influenced you to become the biologist you are today or a tough high school literature teacher challenged you to become the writer you are now, let that teacher know. Include the kids in this project and help them write a short but sweet note to their current favorite teacher.

Help With Classroom Chores

When time is short, teachers can’t always do everything they want to for their classrooms. Many teachers could use a helping hand with projects, large and small. Talk with your favorite former teacher or one that the kids love and find out how you can help. Be prepared to pitch in with photocopying educational materials, hanging art projects, or taking on lunchtime duty. For many teachers, having a little extra time each week or month is the greatest gift.

Provide Lunch

Teachers work long hours, and they don’t always have time to throw together a nutritious lunch in the morning. On National Teacher Day, tell your kids’ teachers that lunch is on you. Make lunch for a favorite teacher or partner with other parents at your kids’ school to put together a lavish lunchtime spread. If each parent volunteers for one course, your gourmet meal will come together in a flash. Choose healthy foods to keep your teachers nourished throughout the day, and don’t forget something sweet to finish the meal.

Volunteer in the Classroom

Many schools have programs that allow parents to volunteer their time in the classroom. Whether you have an hour or a whole week to give each month, volunteering your time can significantly impact how much a teacher can accomplish in the classroom. Depending on the teacher’s needs, you may be able to help coordinate an educational field trip, prepare activities in the classroom, or even organize seasonal events.

Whatever you do, know that donating your time makes the day much smoother, more efficient, and much more fun for teachers and their students. Check with a teacher or the school’s administrative staff to find out more about the school’s volunteer program.

Read About Great Teachers

There are plenty of excellent books about truly great teachers for every grade level. Choose an appropriate one to read with the kids and help them pick out the qualities that make a teacher truly great. Encourage them to think about which of their teachers have these qualities, and be sure to celebrate them on National Teacher Day.

Tell the Newspaper

Teaching can feel like a thankless job, so there’s no better way to celebrate National Teacher Day than to shout from the rooftops just how great your favorite teacher is. If you can’t quite do that, tell your local newspaper instead. Contact the newsroom about establishing a thank you section in the paper and encourage others in your community to write a note about an educator who has made a difference in their lives.

However you choose to celebrate, remember to give the educators who taught you the basics of punctuation, homophones, and everything in between a day of recognition. Donate your time, your cooking prowess, or your thoughtful words, and celebrate your teachers and their impact on your life. How will you celebrate National Teacher Day?

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