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Correct Punctuation
Is this sentence correct as written? See example: Whether I asked about his career path, his decision to make a ...
-1 votes, asked May 12 '14 by carmen
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He is abusing the money of his father.
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by Mishal Ahmed
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then and than
so what should I have to right in here "so, then some of the coutries joined German's side." See example: ...
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by Kim Min Jae
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Does this make sense?
The boy grew up angry and silent.
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by jon
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Rules of syntax
Is it correct to say "Some certain things" I feel the use of "Some" and "Certain" is tautology.
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by Damian
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sentence Fragment
How can I come up with a better way to write this sentence. See example: Out of all the effective ...
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by Sharron Akpan
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Which one is right? I confused every time to use this pattern. Question: Sewing requires patience, so does knitting. Answer:Sewing ...
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by Rajit Pdl
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grammer issues
Just as the both characters are unable to dependend on themselves, so too they are unable to face reality
0 votes, asked May 12 '14 by fatemeh
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education reform
was created is passive what can I say? See example: Politicization of public education created mandates that were not carried ...
0 votes, asked May 11 '14 by Vickie McNeal
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"revise your book"......"the green computing is the need of the hour"...confidence and communication skills balance each other... plzz.. change the ...
0 votes, asked May 11 '14 by Aditya Singh
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correct way to express - lies in its gaze
I would like to know whats the correct way to express: capture the attention and look of somebody for your ...
0 votes, asked May 11 '14 by Jessica
2 answers
Please check. Is "then" and "too" OK?
They took their eyes off of God and began focusing on what they didn’t have. I look at the children ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '14 by Susan
1 answer
How do I make a possible of the name Gladys
0 votes, asked May 10 '14 by AnnaMay Stern
1 answer
Is this OK?
Living in a world that demands my time and attention, I thank God for His grace when my focus is ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '14 by Susan
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Proper pronoun
In answer to "Is Barbara there"? Is the correct form 'this is she' or 'this is her'?
0 votes, asked May 10 '14 by Barbara Martin
1 answer
Passive /Active voice use
How can change tis sentence from passive to active voice. thank you in advance See example: Population data are needed ...
-1 votes, asked May 10 '14 by can
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using s in a sentence
30 day challenge or 30 days challenge. I saw in instagram there are two different hashtags
days day s number 0 votes, asked May 10 '14 by raka
1 answer
document size
I tried to upload a section of my document but it said it was too large even at 7000 words. ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by Dan Cobb
2 answers
grace 2
how do you prof read on grammerly See example: The couple dated steadily through their high school, and Ruth gave ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by Grace Hollinger
2 answers
Which expression is more correct ? " People must speak quietly in the library" or "People have to speak quietly ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by angela.ascheri
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subject/verb agreement
Should a singular or plural verb be used for this sentence? Why? The rest of the people is/are coming.
0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by karen
0 answers
Is this sentence correct: 'It will be suitable for me if the new contract would be signed by the beginning ...
if 0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by zsonody
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I want to convert this to past passive voice
we are removing top soil
+2 votes, asked May 09 '14 by binguranga
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In the sentence, Lily helped clean the house, what part of speech are helped and clean?
Helped clean 0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by B
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make a proper sentence
my exam date is move 1st may to 20th may
0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by pratapbhanu mohanty
1 answer
Usage of "it"
"Though the artifacts of pre-Columbian civilization created a stir from the very first European contacts with th New World in ...
it pronoun grammar english 0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by Sukrit Pal
2 answers
cancel subscription
Hi, I signed up for a 7 day free trial and my credit card was charged 139.95 yesterday. I want ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by Janice Rendon
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difference between usage of 2 times in concrete sentence
Why the correct form is: when you saw Mark? instead of when did you see Mark? That is what my ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by lena
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coordinating conjuction
Is it gramatically correct to use two different tenses while using the coordinating conjuction "and" ? Example : Engneering students ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by helmi
1 answer
a person's features attractive
How can i know which one is redundant phrase or word? It is recently that researchers have begun to study ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by Jasmine Min
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