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why vowel O and U come together in english words
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '14 by Navneet Kumar
1 answer
using"together alone as adverb"
Is it correct to say"Jack and Tim were playing football together alone."when they were not playing with other members of ...
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '14 by daniel
2 answers
find the direct object in each sentence.
Jerry was so happy because of his promotion. He hugged everyone in the room.
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by m.Marilyn
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verb forms
1.we -----(know)each other for a long time.
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by bablee sinha
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is this sentence correct?
in oxford vocab. book (basic- unit : i can go around by bus) there is a sentence which says: how ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by rayhane
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Starting a question with, "One question I have is"
Sometimes, it is necessary to start a discussion with a question, as a way to introduce the topic. Often, this ...
questions punctuation 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Edmond Young
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Comma before that/which (special case)
Hello, I have a question regarding commas before that/which. Example sentence: "The coordinates of the city, that/which lies south of ...
comma which that 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by jel
2 answers
what is wrong with this sentence? Majority of college graduates fail too start their job search soon enough.
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Ashley Monay Gaddis
3 answers
find mistake
Find the mistake 1-The two things are equally good . there is nothing to lose between. 2-don't worry ,everything grows ...
-1 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Mohamed Ibrahem
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adjective phrase help
Fill in the blanks with suitable adjective phrase1) Listen to the sound__________2)She is a woman___________3) The verdict________ was in his ...
adjective Phrase help 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Priya Sharma
2 answers
Should this be "throught" or "in?"
Let us be thankful that Jesus will be with us through every trial we face.
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Susan
2 answers
Gerund or participle
I am looking forward to .......(see) you? The question is: May I use "see" in the gerund form or in ...
Verbs 0 votes, asked Nov 05 '14 by Rupesh
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was or were with hour
can we use are with the word hour
0 votes, asked Nov 05 '14 by aro
0 answers
adjective usage
How can i verify verb + noun + adjective or verb + noun + to be+adjective ex. make it accessible ...
0 votes, asked Nov 05 '14 by 박주진
1 answer
apostrophe s
Thank you so much Lewis for your response, but I'm still wondering if you can add 's after a common ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Kim
1 answer
have to do smth
Have I to do smth? Is it correct?
have to do 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Lilit
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Is the word "these" sometimes the object of a preposition? When?
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Debbie
1 answer
Use of "The" in company/organization name when used as possessive noun
Can I drop "The" from the name of a company/organization when using it as a possessive noun? For example: A ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Sarah Herder
1 answer
change the following sentences into indirect speech
ramesh commented,"the place looked so different ten years ago"
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Venkat Jyothi
2 answers
Can you say...
The school's big. Meaning "The school is big." Can you use 's = is after any noun OR can you ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Kim
1 answer
idiomatic usage
I pulled the brakes. OR I pulled at the brakes. What's the correct usage.
idiom is-my-sentence-correct Usage 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Divyanshu Sharma
2 answers
Can you say, "The book's heavy." meaning "The book is heavy."
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Kim
1 answer
What object does the prepositional phrase modify?
For the sentence: "Company XYZ provides a matching contribution of 50¢ for each $1.00 you save up to 10% of ...
PrepositionalPhrases 0 votes, edited Nov 04 '14 by AB
1 answer
Making Subject and Verb Agree
What is the correct way to phrase this sentence:Either of these streets runs to the river.OREither of these streets run ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by Billie Padilla
1 answer
Are Arrival and Arrivals the same word
I want to know if arrival and arrivals the same word
same words arrival 0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by Angel Montoya
3 answers
There is or there are?
Which is correct?There is a blackboard and a chair. OrThere are a blackboard and a chair? I'd appreciate your help ...
there is-are plural singular 0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by Bmk13
1 answer
convert active into passive
it is time to supply food
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by soumya
0 answers
Dangling Participle Or Permitted Use?
Actually 2 questions, the first more important to me: "Having considered the alternatives, the councilwoman’s anger at her constituent’s failing ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by staffwriter
0 answers
Add a adjective phrase and another question Add a verb phrase
Add a prepositional phrase to each sentence. The type of phrase to add is indicated in paretheses after the sentence.
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by Ali Mahmoud
2 answers
Proper use of we've and no
Is this statement correct, "We've got no rain.".
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '14 by Kevin Wolf
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