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Plural needed?
Should I write where wildlife live or where wildlife lives?
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Susan Smith
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The Use of "Mid" versus "Semi" as Prefixes to Adjectives
My co-worker and I have gotten into a debate about the use of "mid" as a prefix for "quarter" and ...
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Jamie Telado
0 answers
plural of surname ending in es
What is the plural for the Surname GUILES?
usual way 0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Bill Guiles
0 answers
finding the errors
I need to know what the errors in the sentences are please, I couldn't find them!!! 1. The shop sells ...
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Maya
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fill in the blank
i'm low on petrol.we'd better________up at the next gas station A. gas B. refill C. fill d. refuel
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Rajat Raj Jha
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verb form for fraction and percentage
Do I say "one-half or 50% of samples WERE tested...." or "one-half or 50% of samples WAS tested.....?"
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by lrainen
0 answers
plug-in for Word
Whenever I download plug-in for Word, the Word stop working and I a have to delete the plug-in.
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Ghazala Siddiqui
1 answer
I can help my clients over the phone as well. Is this sentence wrong? See example: I can help my ...
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by RABIN ADHIKARI
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How should this sentance be rephrased:-he is going for quick shopping?
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by jan
1 answer
Idiom or proverb
One donkey at a time Is this an idiom or a proverb and what does this mean?
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Z. A. Jazley
1 answer
How can I improve the sentence structure of this- By mailing in this coupon ,a free sample will be sent ...
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by VESELINA ANGELOVA
1 answer
What should we used to represent past affirmative tense if the forms of verb is same for examlple "They cut ...
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '14 by Hasan Kazmi
1 answer
Inclusion of a conjunction in a list started after a colon & Usage of semicolons vs commas for lists
Here is the sentence in question: "Les Misérables includes several themes pertaining to ethics, such as: the value of atonement ...
Semicolon comma conjunctions colon lists 0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by Philip Swanson
1 answer
How can I correctly best express this idea?
The criticism is that this has a confusing modifier. How can I best simplify these two sentences. I have the ...
0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by Russell Peck
2 answers
Reading a book I found the word "Termite". I think there is an error.
Please, can you help me to understand the meaning of this phrase? ("termite" is at the end): "Seller shall pay ...
0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by paolo
1 answer
starting an essay
In this essay will explain the type of business I’m interested in starting. Whats a better way to start the ...
0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by Rache Fulton
1 answer
confused about this paragraph See example: In the 1960's, Allen Ginsberg "a poet" supported legalizing marijuana, and led a march ...
0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by shane thimmesch
0 answers
After to is an adjective or not?
Hello sir, i am having difficulty on deciding which is which. Cheers to be young. or Cheers to being young. ...
0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by Yusuf Utomo
0 answers
why using bare infinitive here
"he is taught to act avoid demonstration of emotion". why has the author used avoid in bare infinitive form here?thanks
infinitrive 0 votes, asked Jan 12 '14 by Sahar Tadayyon
1 answer
I need to replace the "with" at the end do you have a suggestion please?
In circumstances like these I am able to perform my duties without compromising clients, my job, or the agency I ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Elisabeth Einsel
0 answers
Phonemes in word "go"
There is a question which I have had trouble answering. I have had trouble finding the phonemes that dont go ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Jack
0 answers
Verb form use error
Error need message See example: This paper, I will answer the following question: When working within your profession, which quadrant ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Tarsha Jackson
0 answers
use of qualifiers and quantifiers error
Not sure what to put See example: As for quadrant C of the Hermann 's brain model, I could train ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Tarsha Jackson
0 answers
need help to revise for English class
This digitization parts of part of our lives is not hindere by the remberance of our past. Gordon Bell and ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 11 '14 by meka mangual
0 answers
In writing about military organizations, the formal name of a regiment, for example, is Garden's Battery Palmetto Artillery or Major ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Herbert Chambers
1 answer
Use single or plural verb with array
Do I write that "an amazing array of items IS up for bid" or "an amazing array of items ARE ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by AMP
1 answer
the use of 'of' in expressions of time
In my grammarbook it says that 'the autumn of 1999' is correct , while it's wrong to say 'in the ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by maria nygren
0 answers
please let me know if the following phrase is correct ot nor for scientific paper?
Presently, the net length at each deployment is as long as 8250 m for large dhow. This single piece of ...
Fisheries 0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Seyed Abbas Hosseini
1 answer
Is this sentence clear?-- School application
"I would consult my mentors and friends about my study method and resources. " Is this sentence clear to you? ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by AQ
1 answer
I am writng in dialect but its rejected. See example: I told Jesse, "man, there ain't no such thing as ...
0 votes, asked Jan 11 '14 by Shelley Fisher
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