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qusetion about tense
Hey, i want to ask is it said: 1. Don't know how does this sound or 2. Dont know how ...
0 votes, asked Jun 09 '14 by Gordana Ristovic
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Verb Tense "Take"
Example Sentence: "In diabetes insipidus there's no actual increase in sodium but water is taken away, which results in hypernatremia." ...
0 votes, asked Jun 09 '14 by audade01
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0 votes, asked Jun 09 '14 by Dr. Valerie Williams
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What verb should I use in this sentence? See example: Be careful not to micro-manage them or suggest rigid guidelines ...
-1 votes, asked Jun 08 '14 by Veronica Freckleton
1 answer
comma after but
Do I need a comma after "but" in this sentence? Peter agreed, but other than at the dancing lessons, he ...
comma 0 votes, asked Jun 08 '14 by Sharon Miltiadou
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indirect speech
where are you going
0 votes, asked Jun 08 '14 by anasmohd1970 .
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Object/Direct Object Ambiguity
Is "me" in "tell me!" an indirect object or is it technically ambiguous? If so, are the same rules true ...
0 votes, asked Jun 08 '14 by David
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Active to passive
IR employ about 17 lac people.
0 votes, asked Jun 07 '14 by ABEL JONES KAITHAVANA
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To make money off a blo
To make money off a blog takes a great deal of dedication. Doing everything on this list is not even ...
0 votes, asked Jun 07 '14 by Shahid Siddiqui
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Should you capitalize a proper name which has been contracted with an initial apostrophe?
My friend is a fan of the group "The Aquabats". On their television show, they frequently refer to themselves by ...
apostrophe capitalization 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '14 by beavinator1
1 answer
that will vs.which will
In addition, it's very important to complete your financial aid paperwork that will pay your bill.
that will which 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '14 by C
1 answer
long or much
How long or how much does it take to get to the office?
0 votes, asked Jun 06 '14 by abdullwahab
3 answers
Correct word choice
Which of the following is a correct sentence. Below are the answers to your questions. or Below is the answers ...
Word choice is are +4 votes, asked Jun 05 '14 by Paula
1 answer
Interpretation of a sentence
What is the correct meaning of the sentence-"A scientific law, is not a scientific law, if it only holds when ...
Sentence-interpretation 0 votes, asked Jun 05 '14 by Saurabh Yadav
0 answers
Awkward Sentence Structure
Please help me smooth out this sentence (I am trying to not use the word not): Although you may be ...
0 votes, asked Jun 05 '14 by Gwen Glasgow Carrington
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parts of speech
she spends money. Is this a correct sentence? if not then tell me the correct one.
0 votes, asked Jun 05 '14 by P.joshi
1 answer
Subject-verb inversion
I know the normal pattern in English would be "subject+verb" in most sentences. I also remember some exceptions: questions, locative ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 04 '14 by Yanira
0 answers
Responsible To
I have always believed that I was responsible FOR completing my work, and responsible TO my employer. However, many people ...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by Janet
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use of article a in "give birth to live young"
Shouldn't expression "give birth to live young" contain article a? Young is a singular noun here right? So wouldn't "give ...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by Шерхан Шерхан
0 answers
Plural or singular verb?
Which is correct: Seminar staff were...or Seminar staff was...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by Margaret E. Roney
1 answer
Humanity's or humanities plural possessives
What is correct...? Examples * humanity's history * cornerstone of humanity's issues and problems (....) * a wide range of ...
apostrophe possessive -1 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by alu
0 answers
noun or verb
Eita took shower in the morningIa this a noun or a verb ?
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by beena
0 answers
federer blow away by strom names gulbis
find adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by mini khan
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"for example" as prepositional phrase
Is "for example" a prepositional phrase?
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by Joe Cameron
0 answers
Correct use of possessive case before gerund.
What is a gerund? What is the correct word in the following sentence? The judges enjoyed his dancing on stage. ...
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '14 by Marlyn Ivory
0 answers
proper grammar
rule name for the following improper sentence? The soccer team they won the game.
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '14 by bobvincent9
1 answer
The authorities have charged Shipley with stealing medicine and hundreds of dollars' worth of checks
Is apostrophe necessarily required?
0 votes, asked Jun 02 '14 by Jim Wootton
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is it wrong to say "I didn't change anything except"
Hi. English is second language for me. I was working with my husband, English native, 51 years old, and I ...
0 votes, asked Jun 02 '14 by Haley
1 answer
Was vs. were
Why do some people say....." If I was an elephant...."..and others say...." If I were an elephant......Which one is the ...
0 votes, asked Jun 02 '14 by Bon
1 answer
everyone or everybody struggles with something.
everyone or everybody struggkes with something. which is correct?
0 votes, asked Jun 02 '14 by Kimberly Ann Bailey
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