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How to change from passive to active
Gladwell claims that many Americans believe that the social and intellectual benefits that are gained from being in an institution ...
0 votes, asked Nov 30 by Brandon
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Correct the sentence
Shopping company is keep on sending booking information
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Uday Kumar
2 answers
The appropriat usage of gerund
Which of following sentence make sense better:1-I hate some people mking the environment dirty2-I hate some people to make environment ...
Gramer +1 vote, asked Nov 29 by Hamid
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Is this written correctly?
A lot has happened in these past 10 years since I’ve left high school and the fact that I now ...
0 votes, asked Nov 28 by William Vandiver
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confused whether the sentence is correct
A moment to be valued and remembered is this a correct grammar or not?
+1 vote, asked Nov 28 by lovelle
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Which is correct: The writer exploring a concept. Or The writer's exploring a concept.
+1 vote, asked Nov 28 by DC
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Describing subjects range
If I'm describing a scanner and I write something along the lines of "It can scan everything from black and ...
subject describe +1 vote, asked Nov 28 by TristanVujovic
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I want to ask a question about using gerund after preposition
Which of following sentences make sense better?1- I am worried about my student not understanding the lesson2-I am worried about ...
gerund 0 votes, asked Nov 28 by Hamid
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grammar check
I will go at 11 am. Is this sentence correct?
0 votes, asked Nov 28 by priya
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how to use passive with shell
how to make sentance in passive voic with shell
0 votes, asked Nov 28 by atif
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Change statement into question using "what"
"A tree sells on the car"
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Rana Waqas
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please help me to check my grammar
Some studies indicate that the oil does not kill whales, but make whales suffer from this leakage where. In 1989 ...
grammar grammarcheck grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Shana
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Sentence correction
. A nationwide survey (a) / has brought up an (b) / interesting finding (c) / regarding infant mortality rate ...
sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Shubham Mishra
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Is my grammar correct?
Can (is) be removed in a sentence to describe something? For example (Batman (is) eating at pizzahut).And if it is ...
0 votes, edited Nov 29 by Voltex
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Listing questions in a correct format with MLA 8
Hey there, I am just about finished a roller coaster essay. I have an inquiry. I have listed three questions ...
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Adrian Michael
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Please Correct these sentences of English
1. During the summer vacations I really enjoyed. 2. I entered the train at New Delhi. 3. Her oral English ...
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Archana
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was and were usage
I would like to know which of the following sentences is correct? " There were 25 people in the group" ...
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Chundarathil Sudhakar
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Subject verb agreement
A pair of socks are/is lying on the floor
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Roopa
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Is this sentence correct
You do not really know the power of Expressiveness
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Rash
1 answer
My university is at jaipur city
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Simran Sebastian
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That nasty majid said he is not here
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Shuraim
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Is this sentence correct?
Where I am going to join from coming December
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by debabani
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Thwe use of which and that.
Hi, The house that you have bought is too small for your family vs. The house which you have bought ...
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Agha Ata
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can you help me to check this sentence please
Where this problem can kill fishes and sea animals as well as a danger to humans, we drink the water ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 27 by Shana
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I stay your apartment below.
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Priya
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Third person s
Is it correct to say The class likes to do homework.
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Valerie
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diffrence between tenses
The match (starts/is going to start ) at seven o'clock tomorrow
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by rana
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Prepositional phrase or main clause? Comma placement?
In the sentence "Once a long time ago, she had a pet turkey. " is "Once a long time ago ...
preposition comma 0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Wendy
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Does this design will do?
will 0 votes, asked Nov 26 by nithin_nahar
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in below sentence, should i add ''it'' at the end of it.
Hi, '' I Bought 6 eggs to bake a cake with.'' Is it correct this way without adding pronoun ''it'' ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 26 by ACC
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