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active to passive
• Some cars have engine covers you'll have to remove to see the spark plug wires, tracing them back to ...
0 votes, asked Aug 23 '15 by amira
2 answers
was and were
please tell me the clear examples of was and were
-1 votes, asked Aug 23 '15 by sahasra
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Change the sentence into present prefect tense
The improved models found eager buyers
0 votes, asked Aug 23 '15 by Singh Aniket
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pick out any five parts of the speech from the given sentence and label them. grill marks are either painted ...
-2 votes, asked Aug 23 '15 by akash
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Grammar and word choice
I have been beginning to hear the phrase "at the weekend" more frequently than the phrase "on the weekend." It ...
weekend Word-choice 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Christopher Todd
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kindly do the needful and oblige
What is so wrong about this commercial phrase ?
0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Ricardo Rodrigues
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How many different ways can questions be phrased?
are they only 12 or no limit
question Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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Proper puncuation for 'boy has'.
"The boys still got game." or "The boy's still got game." Talking about one boy.
0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Randwill
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the usage of "yet"
I heard this sentence from a non-native English speaker: "I have seen the church yet." And I got confused... What ...
0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by yumdys
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Dear Treec!
Dear Treec, will you please stop posting this joke and pun stuff?! -__________- It's annoying. It's harder to find 'actual' ...
+2 votes, edited Aug 22 '15 by Deep
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• Material stacked on HD rack up to roof top. no clearance
• Material stacked on HD rack up to roof top. no clearance
0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by bathi.venkannababu
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This question involves analyzing the political cartoon In a few short sentences, analyze how the placement of the elements in ...
cartoon satire politics placement 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by kelly
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companywide or company-wide or company wide
So which is it: companywide, company-wide, or company wide? I believe "companywide" is correct and I have seen it used ...
correct Word spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Patrick
1 answer
Article use for the word "gum"
So when we are speaking to our friends or whoever, we may ask "Do you have gum", or "Can I ...
Articles Word grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Taylor
1 answer
In the following sentence, do i need a comma after the word opinion? In my opinion, summer is a better ...
commas 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Rebecca
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question about whether "he" and "she" or "him" and "her"
Which sentence is correct? It wasn’t ethical but if Larry's body, mind and health were saved by taking a dive—not ...
0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Drazen
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how to structure a sentence correctly?
My sentence: I got an email this morning from (whom or who) I thought at first was Amazon...
0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Nancy Ward
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Proper way to engrave a plaque given to an athlete. The Award title is "Swimming Coach's Award" or.
When engraving a plaque what form of "coach" is used? The title of the award is "Swimming Coach's Award" The ...
0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Melissa Clissold
1 answer
My father's boss, losing his temper, lashed out at my father, and my father quit after running out of patience
0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by juan
1 answer
Proper sentence structure
Is the following sentence grammatically correct and acceptable or should it be changed and how? ¨I begin to question what ...
proper Sentence Structure question grammatically 0 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by max
1 answer
need help ?
There’s a guy in my college. Though he is from department we have never been in the same class. So ...
-1 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by Monica Rachel
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Active to passive voice
Pillion riding ban is lifted.
0 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by Zehra Fatima
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ssubject verb agreement
which verb do I use - 'make' or 'makes' Sources believed reliable but owners, representatives and managers make no warranty.
0 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by karol
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change it into question.
I don't like to play.
0 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by Rumaisa Khan
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Can where be replaced by that? And can where be omitted? If so, in which situations?
In the sentence "This is the store where I bought my CD", can we replace 'where' with 'that'? Also, can ...
relative-clauses relative-pronoun that where 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by Gabriela Thuany
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convert into past tense
Reality TV star Jade Goody dies at the age of 27
past tense 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by Muhammad Nabeel
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it always ends with ance
all of the concerts orginizers expected _ to be excellent
hard thinkative -2 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by honeydaniels
2 answers
hello i'm aniket vaidya. i'm developing myself for bank exams
is this correct sentence
0 votes, asked Aug 18 '15 by aniket
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Sentence grammer using "although"
I am trying to use "although" to mean "in spite of the fact" but I'm not sure I'm using it ...
Sentence sentences grammar grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Aug 18 '15 by Robert De Leon
1 answer
Pediatrician essay
How can I improve this sentence- I will educate families about pediatric illnesses to provide their children a healthy lifestyle.
0 votes, asked Aug 17 '15 by Nathan
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