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The correct use of a semicolon.
Would this be a correct use of a semicolon in a sentence: I noticed that in the UK there are ...
0 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by aishay bee
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Possessive determiner 'next year's'.
Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help. In the noun phrase 'next year's prestigious parade' is 'next year's' ...
Determiners help possessive Possessives determiner 0 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by Lee Northway
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Is this grammatically correct?
This sentence sounds odd to me, but is it grammatically correct? "Parents consider their children to be at their least ...
0 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by miller
2 answers
Can you correct this sentence pls
Why stress our self for a better future when we can live for the present to the fullest
grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by Dave Booc
2 answers
is the answer correct?
He wanted to know if I needed money
1234 0 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by umakanta bal
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use of home verses house
Which is better? 'Meet me at your home.' or 'Meet me at your house.'
Home House +2 votes, asked Sep 30 '15 by Kim Proctor
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correct grammar, usage?
On a cover letter.... Following graduation, I will be completing a clerkship during the 2016-17 term with the Honorable....of the ...
0 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Nancy Robins
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Do not have add on for MS Word but have paid.
Tell me how to download add in for MS Word
0 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Donald Warrington
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Is the word in the sentence used correctly
A hiatus is a lapse in continuity
0 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Jadimon
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Fill in the blank with suitable adjective-
Few people like cold weather, _____ people like warm weather. I wrote 'fewer' as the answer. Is it correct?
+1 vote, asked Sep 29 '15 by Divyan Gambhir
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singular or plural
Should "is" or "are" be used in this sentence? Your advice and guidance are valued.
+1 vote, asked Sep 29 '15 by Lynda
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Reflexive Pronouns
This may sound silly, but I saw this sentence in the description of a Family Guy episode, and I couldn't ...
reflexive pronoun +1 vote, asked Sep 29 '15 by disacorn
0 answers
is and are
Is it of those people that are working hard is Sam or of those people that is working hard is ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 29 '15 by owls123
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I feel confused when try to learn article
I have seen many example sentences about article that I still don't understand why we use it. It seems like ...
Articles grammar +2 votes, asked Sep 29 '15 by Tawan Thampipattanakul
1 answer
use of comma in a series of names
Do I use a comma at the end of a series of names? For example: Frank, Ed, Pete, John, and ...
comma placement 0 votes, asked Sep 28 '15 by scott doherty
2 answers
which is correct: "between you and I" or "between you and me"?
"between you and I" or "between you and me"?
0 votes, asked Sep 28 '15 by Casey
1 answer
What is preferable? Antique Fair or Antiques Fair?
+1 vote, asked Sep 28 '15 by anthony Eglin
2 answers
difference between should and ought to
we serve our country.[should/ought to]
+1 vote, asked Sep 28 '15 by monika
2 answers
voice change
Do the work
0 votes, asked Sep 28 '15 by Riyan
0 answers
type of phrase
0 votes, asked Sep 28 '15 by Kumary Sunil
4 answers
Essay writings..
If you're writing a critical essay, what are some good points to do while writing it, and how would you ...
0 votes, asked Sep 27 '15 by Rosy
0 answers
Should I consider "it is easier to learn than teach" incorrect use of parallelism on a test cux it should ...
grammar Parallelism test 0 votes, asked Sep 27 '15 by Falak Gilani
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Make the sentences negative and interrogative
She is washing vegetables in the kitchen.
+1 vote, asked Sep 27 '15 by Dan Shwater
0 answers
Hello all,If I see an article advertised, the surest proof I know that the article does what is claimed for ...
0 votes, asked Sep 27 '15 by Chann Myei
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Do you capitalize "My Queen"?
If I have a line such as "Very well, my queen" . . . . . . do I capitalize ...
0 votes, asked Sep 27 '15 by Grate Oracle Lewot
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I want to know the phrase is correct or not
Attached is an excel sheet regarding the above, all the ticket’s that I worked in the last week.
0 votes, asked Sep 26 '15 by saif
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Sentence Improvement
Hi everybody, Please help me with the following sentence improvement question. If he smokes less he might get rid of ...
sentence-structure +1 vote, asked Sep 26 '15 by Abhinay Pyneedi
1 answer
change into interrogative
they go to school by bus
+1 vote, asked Sep 26 '15 by benoit glenny
0 answers
Use of quotation marks
I am using quotation marks for the name of an art show: The art sessions are part of “The Big ...
0 votes, asked Sep 26 '15 by Nancy
1 answer
Help Me
Hey John! Wait a minute. I ________ a word with you.a) Will have b) Have c)Would have d) All of ...
Verbal +1 vote, asked Sep 26 '15 by Antony David
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