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does it sound right?
does this sentence sound correct? "Only are there a few moments in which there is a gap or a pause ...
english essay Sentence correction 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '15 by Ashb
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Step by step instructions how to use grammerly
I need to know how to save finished product in grammerly back to my word
+1 vote, asked Nov 08 '15 by Sherry Fleenor
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Gerunds And Infinitives
Here's my question: What are Gerunds And Infinitives?
+1 vote, asked Nov 08 '15 by Ayub
1 answer
Does this make sense
Salt water and shopping: what more does a girl need
0 votes, asked Nov 08 '15 by Julia Keenan
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Fit or fits
I was watching mean girls the other night and there was one phrase that kept me up all night. It's ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 08 '15 by batoul
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Two dollars/ down to/ the bargain/ he / managed
+1 vote, asked Nov 08 '15 by Kartik Bhandari
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Using the word that
Do I need the word that in this sentance? " Previously ecchymotic area opened to left and right leg". "Previously ...
0 votes, asked Nov 08 '15 by sherry kraemer jimenez
2 answers
Comma Query
Is the comma in the sentence below unnecessary, please? If so, why? "John revealed that the book was originally commissioned ...
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Boone
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Is this sentence correct? The usage of "wean"
I found the following sentence in a textbook. "You can give these granules with milk since the baby has already ...
wean transitive verb presentperfectcontinuous +1 vote, asked Nov 07 '15 by Ino
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Phrasal verbs
Transitive phrasal verbs can have a noun between the verb and the preposition ?
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Nella Sciano
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its a quote about challenges
don't give up! its not over.the universe is balanced. every set-back bears with it the seeds of a come-back
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by R Saisree
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change active to passive voice
My boss likes to save money.
active-voice passive-voice -1 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Mohammad Noman
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error find
he set up institutions of international repute
+1 vote, asked Nov 07 '15 by pradeep kumar
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An expression that means "or rather" or "more precisely"
I'm looking for an expression that means "or rather"/"more precisely"/"or should I say" in the following context. "They surrendered, or ...
precise rather accurate self-correction Synonym +1 vote, asked Nov 07 '15 by Linguaphile85
3 answers
essay indent
when writing an essay do you have to indent every time you start a new paraghraph?
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Crystal Lindsay
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Which is correct?
How i miss those moments when every week the supplier deliver 7 cup of coconut drink or how i missed ...
0 votes, asked Nov 07 '15 by Safirahali
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Th use of "only" as a conjunction
Hello, When "only" is used as a conjunction, is the clause that it introduces always subordinate (and/or non-restrictive)? For example: ...
Conjunction independent 0 votes, edited Nov 07 '15 by Joseph
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What's wrong with question "Are not they aware of something?"
+1 vote, asked Nov 06 '15 by Bindas
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is it a fragment
He had something now, he added, that was more important to him than the school's money: peace and quiet.
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by keasia
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Is the grammar in this sentence correct?
Why should women need to cover part of her body with certain clothes to be modest?
grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by Fredrik Andersson
0 answers
Making WH question
The lady guest was a woman of fourty. a)Who was the lady guest? b)How old was the lady guest? Which ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 06 '15 by Abdullah Mahi
1 answer
What is the difference in meaning between these two sentences: I would have loved to do that. I would love ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 06 '15 by Amy
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Who/Whom in the following:
I am unabashedly selective about whom I choose to let in.
+1 vote, asked Nov 06 '15 by John
1 answer
Do you "meet regularly with clients to discuss" or do you meet with clients regularly to discuss"?
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by F D
0 answers
Between Premium and Proofreader
I am from a small country in Europe, English is not my first language. I have a blog in my ...
0 votes, edited Nov 06 '15 by Narcis
1 answer
Crowds VS Crowd
What is the correct use: Beat The Crowd & Save Up To 30% VS Beat The Crowds & Save Up ...
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by Michael Bartol
1 answer
who or that
Should I use who for people and that for things in a sentence like" People who like animals should use ...
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by Cindy Barnes
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fill with articles
krishna recentlymoved from__vice presidents role in__large india business house in __new economy sector to__leading mnc bank
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by aravind
1 answer
I was wondering anyone can help me with an english term I want to find a term (noun) meaning someone ...
english terms 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by Calen
1 answer
Is it last week's results or last weeks' results
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '15 by Raleigh Gosney
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