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Using 'you' when speaking to a group.
Say, someone (Mac) is speaking to a group of people, 3 or more we will say, and he says: "To ...
you group use proper those 0 votes, asked Jul 27 by Khova
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"You need that Sir?" is it grammertically correct?
you 0 votes, asked Jun 13 by akash
2 answers
Grammarly corrected "You are" to "You is." What the...?
Hey, Y'all! I just checked through a bit of text with the Grammarly app; ordinarily, I double and triple check ...
you is-are error subject-verb grammarly 0 votes, asked Jun 01 by A. Ghost
3 answers
Use a proper grammar
Is what I post it grammatical correct
it is like you give 0 votes, asked May 13 by Sultan Namis
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You guys/you guys'/you guys's/your guys/your guys'/your guys's?!
So I recently heard my friend say this, "how was your guys's day?" I told her it was grammatically incorrect ...
apostrophes your you plural possesive 0 votes, asked Apr 26 by Joanne Chu
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Identify parts of speech
You are grounded.
speech you are grounded identify 0 votes, asked Dec 01 '15 by Jacob Dane
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People like you and me are being pushed out.
Which is correct? People like you and me are being pushed out. People like you and I are being pushed ...
you Me I 0 votes, asked Oct 03 '15 by Kate
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singular you?
In the following poem the 'you' being addressed is myself. Question: Does 'who' turn it into a pronoun for the ...
singular you 0 votes, asked Jul 15 '15 by Sarah Ragsdale
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can you look over papers for errors and how to i do that
This week’s assignment we read about telehealth, mobile heath applications, informatics and public health. The intent of technology is to ...
can you look over this 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by Sharon Domansky
2 answers
Me before you
The other day my friend said, "me and you have similar taste in music", I noted the me should never ...
Me you pronoun object subject 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '15 by Katrina
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Implied Subjects
Is it considered improper grammar to leave out a subject in a sentence if you have previously stated the subject? ...
you subject 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '14 by Alex Bieser
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the meanning
when person says I must dance with you what does the person mean?
I must dance with you 0 votes, asked Sep 07 '14 by Prince Kenechukwu Omenakaya
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when do you see films
When do you see films
when do you see films 0 votes, asked Jun 11 '14 by manoj sharma
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I just wrote this in a card. Indeed to know whether to us you or yourself in the statement.
(& we hope Joe & you_____ remain friends forever. ( I already wrote up to the word "you". I can ...
you 0 votes, asked Mar 01 '14 by Dorothy Mahar
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You are made for the top
you top made 0 votes, asked Jan 17 '14 by maja abimbola
3 answers
Your versus You're
Your or You’re- I am so frustrated with this!!!! I can’t figure out what the difference is. When I type ...
you your yours possesive pronoun 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
A Different Point of View
After a recent school test, a young male student came up with a different type of essay that amazed me. ...
you are writing Style 0 votes, asked Apr 08 '13 by Duane Chung Jie
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"I appreciate your taking the lead." or "I appreciate you taking the lead."
"You" or "your" taking? I run into this regularly. I was once told that "your taking" is correct, but I ...
you your 0 votes, asked Mar 20 '13 by Joe Casserly
4 answers
How are you? Can't put a YOU in a sentence, why? please help.
How can you manage without placing a YOU here and there. I am confused and would appreciate some help. Following ...
you 0 votes, asked Sep 29 '12 by Aviv Ben David
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