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Which and Where conjuctions
"That is the hotel which I stayed at." or "That is the hotel where I stayed at."? I've met this ...
which where with hotel 0 votes, asked Jul 22 by Siel Maru
1 answer
What is the weather like in the country where you live or in the country you live???
where 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Hediye
2 answers
Location of apostrophe.
In this sentence "Welcome to Thursdays Daily Puzzle!", where does the apostrophe go in the word "Thursdays" ? Or does ...
Thursdays apostrophe where 0 votes, asked Jun 24 by Darwin T
1 answer
is sentence is correct or not?
where are you calling from?
where are 0 votes, asked Mar 16 by aman shukla
1 answer
Is it incorrect to say "where is it at"
gramma where is it at +1 vote, asked Dec 26 '15 by Bryce Helton
2 answers
Can where be replaced by that? And can where be omitted? If so, in which situations?
In the sentence "This is the store where I bought my CD", can we replace 'where' with 'that'? Also, can ...
relative-clauses relative-pronoun that where 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by Gabriela Thuany
1 answer
Is this use of "where" correct?
Is this sentence grammatically correct: Where will Mary visit this year? Thanks in advance, kb
where help question grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '13 by kb
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