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where or were
"Back in the days, people where lucky " Is correct to use where in this context ?
where +1 vote, asked Oct 18 by Mihaela
3 answers
What is the usage of "where" in the sentence and what does the sentence mean?
What is the usage of "where" in the sentence and what does the sentence mean? You can buy a ticket ...
where +1 vote, asked Oct 07 by Yang Hua
1 answer
Which and Where conjuctions
"That is the hotel which I stayed at." or "That is the hotel where I stayed at."? I've met this ...
which where with hotel 0 votes, asked Jul 22 by Siel Maru
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What is the weather like in the country where you live or in the country you live???
where 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Hediye
2 answers
Location of apostrophe.
In this sentence "Welcome to Thursdays Daily Puzzle!", where does the apostrophe go in the word "Thursdays" ? Or does ...
Thursdays apostrophe where 0 votes, asked Jun 24 by Darwin T
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is sentence is correct or not?
where are you calling from?
where are 0 votes, asked Mar 16 by aman shukla
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Is it incorrect to say "where is it at"
gramma where is it at +1 vote, asked Dec 26 '15 by Bryce Helton
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Can where be replaced by that? And can where be omitted? If so, in which situations?
In the sentence "This is the store where I bought my CD", can we replace 'where' with 'that'? Also, can ...
relative-clauses relative-pronoun that where 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by Gabriela Thuany
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Is this use of "where" correct?
Is this sentence grammatically correct: Where will Mary visit this year? Thanks in advance, kb
where help question grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '13 by kb
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