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What is the direct Object?
He told her no invitation was required.
what is the direct object 0 votes, asked Dec 02 by mary sachtleben
1 answer
no matter the condition, climate, or weather
I have a question about the grammatically correct expressions of 'no matter what/why/where/when/how'. I understand that native speakers use such ...
no matter what 0 votes, edited Nov 21 by Heewoo Kim
2 answers
What is wrong with this sentence?
The blackbird who had built a nest in our garden, was caught by the neighbor's cat
what is wrong with Sentence +2 votes, asked Nov 16 by zimox
2 answers
''what'' or ''which'' are you looking for?
My colleague message me asking for the link to the original video (that I used for a school project) - ...
grammar Difference what which versus 0 votes, edited Aug 09 by Lily
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What does duck have? Is it correct
Duck has a bill. Rabbit has ears
what does duck have 0 votes, asked May 29 by Iroda
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"Imagine what" vs "Imagine that"
At work today, I wrote the line: "If we can do that, imagine what other impossible things we can do." ...
imagine what +1 vote, asked Jan 19 by Gary du Toit
1 answer
a what?
He said: I read a book. I didn't hear what he said exactly, so I asked : You read a ...
a what 0 votes, asked Jan 16 '15 by Nawras
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Sentence Fragment
Is the phrase "Because of what?" a sentence fragment? To me, it sounds like an incomplete thought and bad grammar. ...
fragment because of what 0 votes, edited Mar 31 '14 by Songibrd
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