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Which uses correct grammar, "the University of ____" or "University of ____"?
Hello, I'm confused as to the placement of the article "the" in the following sentence. Whenever a university's name is ...
grammar grammarcorrection grammarcheck sentence-correction watch +1 vote, asked Nov 23 by Amanjot Lall
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Could you please tell me which sentence is more suitable
Hi, I recently was trying to figure out which sentence is more suitable - Are guys trying to 'woo' or ...
meaning watch Sentence grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by Julian Suchocki
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ON a tv show x IN a tv show x AT a tv show
If I want to say that is someone is imitating Harry Potter, for example, on ''The Tonight Show'', should I ...
live watch Difference at in 0 votes, asked Aug 05 by Lily
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I thought they would...
Hi guys you are my last chance to find out which is correct: "I thought they would be happy if/when ...
grammar watch live Sentence +1 vote, asked Apr 19 by Janus
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I ------- for this company in 2010 as a manager . What should I use "worked" or "have "?????
I ------- for this company in 2010 as a manager . What should I use "worked" or "have "?????
DOWNLOAD watch help 0 votes, asked Apr 07 by Dark3panther
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Does this make sense?
"Finding a solution to a problem and then for it to become a harmful dependent sucks" Does this make sense? ...
watch live sense harm +1 vote, asked Feb 09 by Youssef Mourad
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complete subject
What is the COMPLETE subject in this sentence? In 1865, the year of Semmelweis's death, a famous British surgeon named ...
watch 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '15 by hasan7_
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transitive or intransitive verbs
1.The frog jumped out of the pond. 2.I met a little cottage girl. 3.My new watch keeps good time.
transitive intransitive jumped met watch -2 votes, edited Jan 19 '13 by Christina Thompson
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